From Nirvana to Foo Fighters: The Incredible Story of Dave Grohl

From a young age, Dave Grohl knew what was going to be important in his life.

From Nirvana to Foo Fighters: The Incredible Story of Dave Grohl

From a young age, Dave Grohl knew what was going to be important in his life. No doubt, music was his raison d'être. So much so that it is music that has occupied the main place in his life. From Nirvana to Foo Fighters, the famous drummer became a singer, guitarist and songwriter. In his autobiography, All My Story, the man who claims to be obsessed with music recounts frankly from his humble beginnings to his glory days through tragic moments.

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No question for Dave Grohn to let someone else write his own story. "It would probably have been too easy," suggests the famous drummer. And then, the pandemic was the perfect time for him to roll up his sleeves by tackling this project he had been simmering for a few years already. A colossal job that did not scare him, after all, Dave Grohl, originally from the State of Ohio, worked hard all his life, tirelessly giving himself no respite for years. This is what emerges from his autobiography The Storyteller published in its original version last year and which has recently become available in French. His whole story is imbued with humility with a nice dose of madness and a touch of humor that allowed him to get through the difficult times that have dotted his career. His first blow will come at the age of six when he sees his parents divorced. He will then go to live with his mother in Virginia.

Lover of music, certainly, but also in love with words, choosing those that make him vibrate, those that resemble him. This is what he does, when the 53-year-old musician writes his own songs.

Shadow and light

A former punk scum from Washington, that's how he often describes himself in his book. It is that he has not forgotten his less glorious past, nor his modest beginnings playing for fun in front of young people in arenas. Aware that the role of drummer is a secondary position, a worker in the shadows that is not glorious, rather leaving pride of place to singers who find themselves in the spotlight, but for him, who was not looking for fame, simply wishing to live his passion to the fullest, it didn't matter. Yet that's how he described his first career when his daughter, Harper Willow, who was just eight years old, expressed an interest in playing the drums. Which made him smile, recognizing himself in her.

Dave Grohl started with Screan at the age of 17, leaving his studies to do punk tours, as he calls them. He was playing for fun with no real expectations until he received a call to join Nirvana as a drummer in the early 1990s. Faithful to his band since its inception, he preferred to decline the offer, but his mother Virginia insists and pushes him to join the group in Seattle. He will participate in the composition of the hit album Nevermind, one of the best-selling albums in the world at 30 million copies. Never had the drummer anticipated such success.

It will know the glory, the crowded stadiums, the euphoria of the fans, but there will also be the death of Kurt Cobain, the singer, guitarist and founder of Nirvana who committed suicide in full glory by shooting himself in the head . This will then be the end for Nirvana in 1994.

"It's difficult to get out of such a situation unscathed," admits the author, who adds that such great glory can easily destabilize.

A second wind

After the collapse of the group and an episode of depression, far from wanting to stop, Dave Grohl, will found the group Foo Fighters.

He will experience several successes and also some setbacks, notably in 2015, during a concert in Sweden. He will fall from the top of the stage at the very beginning of the show and as a result, he will break his leg. In front of a wild crowd, he wishes, with his usual determination, to continue his show. He will return to the stage, with a crutch, then seated on a chair, he will manage to finish his performance before going to the hospital, where he will undergo an operation.

In his book, Dave Grohl also recounts great moments, including the chance to meet and even work with the greatest like Paul McCartney, David Bowie and Mick Jagger.

Along with his career as an artist, we also learn of the importance he attaches to those close to him, in particular his three daughters, as well as his mother Virginia, as well as his second wife Jordyn Blum. It was its pillars that kept it from collapsing.

In 2011, Dave Grohl received the NME Godlike Genius Award. He is the first American drummer to receive this award, which recognizes the best musicians in the world.

Dave Grohl

All my story

HarperCollins Publishing

384 pages

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