Gasoline jumps in 24 hours in Quebec

Motorists in the Quebec region have seen regular gasoline increase by $0.

Gasoline jumps in 24 hours in Quebec

Motorists in the Quebec region have seen regular gasoline increase by $0.12 per liter in less than 24 hours as trips will increase in the coming days for the New Year.

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Yesterday morning, the majority of service stations showed $161.9 for a liter of regular gasoline, while the day before the cost was $149.9.

The banners even engaged in a little price war when Irving stations decided to keep a liter of gas at $149.9.

"I think it's once again the good distributors who want to spruce up their holidays," said professor of the Department of Economics at the University of Ottawa Jean-Thomas Bernard on the airwaves of LCN.

"It seems that the phenomenon [the rise] is directly related to gas stations," he added.

Save $0.18 at Costco

The word spread very quickly in the Capitale-Nationale and the increase in the liter of gasoline caused a race for bargains.

Consumers rushed to local Costcos to take advantage of the lowest cost in town at $143.9 for members.

The savings of $0.18 allowed them to save almost $11 for a full 60 liters of regular gasoline.

At Costco Lebourgneuf, dozens of motorists lined up waiting between 20 and 30 minutes to fill up at a low price.

“I always come here. It's really worth it, ”says Dave Harvey, who hastened to fill the big tank of his truck since he will be heading to Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean for New Year's Day.

It's worth the detour

At the pump next door, David Létourneau decided to fill up even though his small vehicle still had reserves.

"$161.9 elsewhere, I don't understand why there is such a big difference," wonders the young man.

Even people from outside had targeted the Costco on their way to get gas.

Passing through the region, Robert Loiselle from Longueuil took the trouble to stop at the Lebourgneuf branch after a day of skiing at the Massif de Charlevoix.

"I always go to Costco at home and when I saw the prices [of other stations], I made the small detour", confided the man discouraged by the rising cost of gasoline in the middle of the period. celebrations.

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