Geopost (Seur and Tipsa) billed 1,062 million in Spain in 2022, 2.5% more

MADRID, 1 Mar.

Geopost (Seur and Tipsa) billed 1,062 million in Spain in 2022, 2.5% more


The Geopost group, through Seur and Tipsa, billed 1,062 million euros in Spain in 2022, a figure 2.5% higher than that of 2021, as reported by the company on Wednesday, which has highlighted that, through both brands, more than 150 million packages were delivered last year.

Specifically, Seur achieved a turnover of 890 million euros in 2022, 1.7% more than in 2021, and delivered 120 million packages throughout the year.

"After two convulsive years due to the impact of the pandemic and, more recently, due to the effects of the invasion of Ukraine, which we are still suffering, in 2022 we have been able to continue growing and consolidating pandemic levels", highlighted the CEO of Geopost in Spain, Alberto Navarro.

Likewise, despite the fall experienced by the e-commerce sector after the end of the restrictions associated with the pandemic, Seur managed to maintain its turnover in the field of 'online' commerce in 2022, with 400 million euros, and also maintained the stability of its international sales, which amounted to 275 million euros.

For its part, the new 'online' shopping habits in the field of food and fresh products promoted the 'Seur Frío' service, which grew by 23% compared to 2021. This service has been certified this year by Aenor with the ISO 23412.

"In an environment of falling e-commerce, we have been able to increase our market share and we have recovered the B2B levels that we had before the pandemic, also maintaining international revenues compared to 2021", Alberto Navarro stressed.

For its part, Tipsa, the other brand with which Geopost operates in Spain, billed a total of 172 million euros in 2022, 6.8% more than in 2021, and transported 31.1 million packages, figures that, according to the company, they have allowed it to "gain market share" and "guarantee its solidity in the Spanish market".

In fact, the group has highlighted that Tipsa, through its Pharma division, has become the reference transport company for the pharmaceutical, dental and laboratory sectors.

"We were looking at 2022 prudently, hoping for adjustments after the growth driven by e-commerce brought by the pandemic, but we could not imagine that a war would completely change the scenario. With all this, the results for 2022 are very positive and we continue to consolidate a growing network", pointed out María Luisa Camacho, CEO of Tipsa.

This company became part of Geopost in 2021 and, from the beginning, was aligned with the sustainability objectives of the group, focused on reducing the environmental impact of its activity in all its areas. To this end, it has launched various initiatives, such as the use only of envelopes that come from 99% recycled plastics, as well as the expansion of its entire recycling program throughout the entire value chain.

Seur and Tipsa have more than 4,000 delivery points in Spain, of which 3,500 are convenience stores and 500 are 'lockers' or smart ticket offices.

The objective of these 'Out Of Home' services is to offer greater flexibility and personalization to customers in their shipments, since they allow the 'online' buyer to choose where to receive them and with great freedom of schedules, including weekends, where made 10 million deliveries during 2022.

For this reason, Geopost will continue to invest in the expansion of this 'Pickup' network in Spain with the aim of reaching 6,000 collection points in 2025, including 1,500 'lockers'.

"Taking into account the political and economic context of the past year, marked by inflation and price instability, these results demonstrate the solidity of our company. To continue on this path of growth and stability, we will continue deploying our investment plan of 250 million euros until 2025, earmarked for new technological developments that improve our daily operations and the relationship with our customers, as well as adapting our infrastructure network to business growth", remarked the CEO of Geopost.

At the same time, within its sustainability strategy, the company has proposed to carry out low-emission deliveries in 64 Spanish cities in 2025, reducing CO2 emissions in these cities by around 85%, "which will have a direct impact on 17 million inhabitants of all of Spain", pointed out Alberto Navarro.

At group level, Geopost recorded a 6% increase in revenue in 2022, to 15.6 billion euros, delivering 2.1 billion packages worldwide, slightly below 2021 (-1.3%), due to the general slowdown in consumption.