Golf: the table is set for the Canada Cup

The best golfers in the country will meet in Victoriaville from August 11 to 14, as part of the Sani Marc-Fenergic Canada Cup, which will offer prizes totaling $125,000, including $25,000 awarded to the winner.

Golf: the table is set for the Canada Cup

The best golfers in the country will meet in Victoriaville from August 11 to 14, as part of the Sani Marc-Fenergic Canada Cup, which will offer prizes totaling $125,000, including $25,000 awarded to the winner.

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The organizers did not hide their enthusiasm on Tuesday at a press conference. Among the 156 golfers who will get their ticket for the event by being at its ninth presentation, several big names have already confirmed their presence. Defending champion Blair Bursey will be there to try to repeat the feat. He will be followed by former champions like Eric Banks, Brendan Leonard and Ontario's Lee Curry.

"We have associations with the other provinces of the country," said the general manager of the Victoriaville Golf Club, Alain Danault. This allows us to bring a very good contingent of players. [...] Financially, the stock market is extremely attractive. She is among the best in Canada for professional tournaments.

The lifting of sanitary measures is a delight for the president of the organizing committee, Jerry Séguin, since the caliber will be higher than last year.

"It allows us to attract a few Americans," he says. There are players from Western Canada who will be able to come more easily. The caliber is really going to be better. The West has a very strong core. It's going to be a great competition."

Quebec will not be outdone. Keven Fortin Simard, Max Gilbert, Brandon Lacasse, Marc-Étienne Bussières and Dave Lévesque have confirmed their attendance. Amateurs will also have the chance to make their mark. This is the case of Francis Rouiller, Maxime Chabot and Thomas Vallières.

“We have the wind in our sails”

The popularity of golf is felt in Quebec, according to Alain Danault. The latter is convinced that all the ingredients are in place to ensure the success of the event.

“We have the wind in our sails, he suggests. Golf is experiencing extraordinary growth. It was madness in the golf clubs last year and it may be the same this year.

Fans can attend the Canada Cup for free. They will still have to purchase an online ticket to access the site.

The last pass for the Omnium du Québec

In addition, the Omnium Machinex also held a press conference on the sidelines of the Canada Cup. The competition to be held in Princeville from July 22 to 24 will offer $20,000 in prize money.

Golf Québec Competitions Director Éric Couture took the opportunity to announce that the last pass for the Omnium du Québec will be awarded to the winner of the Omnium Machinex.

Victoriaville, the mecca of golf

To ski, there is Whistler and to play golf, there is Victoriaville. This is what the president of the organizing committee of the Sani Marc-Fenergic Canada Cup, Jerry Séguin, believes.

“By presenting an event like that in Victoriaville [from August 11 to 14], everyone wants to play on that ground, considers Jerry Séguin. The event enjoys great visibility. A skier wants to go skiing in Whistler, because it is Whistler and the place has a good reputation. It’s a bit the same for golf in Victoriaville: people want to play on the Canada Cup course.”

“Victoriaville was already recognized as the capital of golf several years ago, but we had lost these letters of nobility, he adds. This event gives us back the place of choice that we had at the time. [...] We had always had this desire to make our place in the world of golf in Quebec. The City helps us a lot. We offer $125,000 in scholarships, the ground is always immaculate. It's a small town and it's warm. This makes these the ideal conditions to present the event.”

"The Word Goes On"

For his part, the director of competitions for Golf Québec, Éric Couture, maintains that the city is attracting more and more attention.

"The players love the field," he said. It's extremely rare that you can play on a course with six par 3s, six par 4s and six par 5s [to play par]. This gives several opportunities for players to report themselves. It helps create excitement, since it can change quickly in a round.

The land, the $25,000 purse for the winner and the quality of the organization are elements that attract attention, according to Éric Couture.

“The word is spreading in the community of professional players, he mentions. This is what helps to attract quality players. The Canada Cup is on their calendar. The event is recognized and prestigious.”

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