Great gifts for Father's Day

Next Sunday, June 19, will be the annual fathers day.

Great gifts for Father's Day

Next Sunday, June 19, will be the annual fathers day. To please a hunting and fishing enthusiast, here are some suggestions that will delight the loved one.

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With the ultra-thin 5 watt Énergie Biolite solar panel or the foldable 10 watt version, your dad will be able to store 3200 mAh of energy that he can use later, when he really needs it, to charge his phone, his tablet, etc The smallest model measures 10.12” x 8.19” x 0.94” and weighs just 13.76 ounces. The 10 is the exact same size and weighs 19.36 ounces.

Price: $100 and $150

Thought, designed and engineered to ensure a superior level of comfort and protection, the XPEL Tec long sleeve shirts from Gill are made with a vegetable-based fabric treated to be water and stain resistant. In addition to being lightweight, the XPel material wicks away moisture, dries quickly and offers UPF 50 UV sun protection. Its two fashionable camouflage colors are sure to please.

Price: $110

The new Ovix camouflage pattern is now available in several Browning performance clothing lines. It is, according to the designers, the most judicious and versatile combination of colors to blend into the decor, regardless of the season or the type of forest environment. The various shades of brown, gray and green conceal Dad's human form well in the outback.

Varied prices

To help your father properly clean his guns, give him the Hoppe's BUOXCN Deluxe set in a beautiful wooden case. The kit includes a three-section brass rod, brushes, pins, slotted bits, lubricated pads, oil and specialist cleaning fluid, and an instruction booklet. In short, everything you need to keep your rifle and shotgun clean and functional.

Price: $75 minus $20 mail-in rebate

Thanks to the fully multi-coated all-glass optical system of the Bushnell Legend 10X42 binoculars, your loved one will get improved long-range vision in terms of contrast, resolution and light transmission. Its IPX7 waterproof construction is tested by immersion and its Rainguard index allows it to face the worst elements found in nature.

Price: $200 less 20% mail-in rebate

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