GuestReady forecasts growth of up to 600% in Spain by 2023

Increases its global accommodation portfolio by 50% in 2022.

GuestReady forecasts growth of up to 600% in Spain by 2023

Increases its global accommodation portfolio by 50% in 2022


The GuestReady tourist rental management platform forecasts growth of between 400 and 600% in Spain after closing the year with a portfolio of vacation rentals that exceeds 4,500 properties, the company reported on Tuesday.

The company studies carrying out acquisitions in Spain to accompany the organic growth strategy with the inorganic to develop its business.

Since 2016, GuestReady has managed to raise more than 16 million euros in financing, a figure that has allowed the company to start its operations in Spain, one of the markets with the greatest potential for the management of tourist accommodation in Europe.

Spain has thus become a strategic market for the development of the GuestReady business. In 2023, the company expects to manage 200 to 300 properties for holiday rentals in Spain, which translates into growth forecasts ranging between 400% and 600%.

This objective is also reinforced by the recent opening of offices in Valencia by GuestReady. With this, the company plans to add 30 new employees to the company's global team in the first months of 2023.

Spain's climatic conditions, its cultural appeal and high talent potential are some of the factors that, in the company's opinion, will contribute to rapid growth in this market.

In the course of 2022, GuestReady has chosen to start operations in both Spain and Saudi Arabia, markets that are at the forefront of the recovery of the tourism sector. It is for all these reasons that the company accompanies its geographical expansion with a strategy of organic growth, combined with inorganic growth.

In 2022 alone, GuestReady has acquired three European vacation rental management companies: two in France and the most recent in Madeira, Portugal.

Currently, the company has more than 300 employees globally, reaching more than 50 cities in the seven countries in which it operates with its comprehensive tourist accommodation management service.

Now, the company is studying to carry out acquisitions in Spain to continue consolidating its position in the market, contributing to the improvement of its results.

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