Guylaine Tanguay: the art of doing things... Her own way

Launching three albums in a single year? The bet was risky.

Guylaine Tanguay: the art of doing things... Her own way

Launching three albums in a single year? The bet was risky. "I was even told that it was not done," says Guylaine Tanguay. But the singer quickly proved the opposite. The first two volumes of his À ma way series sat side by side at the top of the charts for five consecutive weeks last spring.

At the end of the line, the singer is not a little proud of this feat. As soon as it was released in stores, her album Céline À ma way established itself comfortably in first position in album sales. And in second place? Ginette In my own way, just as unbeatable. The two opuses – tributes, of course, to the divas Ginette Reno and Céline Dion – thus spent more than a month at the top of the rankings.

"It's true that you don't often see that, huh?" drop Guylaine Tanguay.

“We were however advised not to release three albums in a year, especially with the pandemic. But we have always done things our way. We dare. And it worked,” she continues.

This has set the table for Your favorites In my way, the final entry in this trilogy on which the singer is currently working, expected in stores next September.

A busy summer

But until then, Guylaine Tanguay is not idle. Far from there. Because the singer is currently traveling the roads of the province to complete the Country Therapy tour, several performances of which had to be postponed due to the pandemic. And under the latest public health relaxations, it is in packed theaters – and an audience without a mask – that she can finally reconnect with the scene. A “liberating” experience for her.

“I did not think that we could find the public like that, without restrictions, so quickly. It feels good! Because that's what a show is: it's spontaneous, it's experienced as a gang. We see that people want to enjoy life, to live it 200%,” she says.

Otherwise, she can also be found sporadically on the airwaves of TVA, as a columnist for the summer show Sucré salé. Guylaine Tanguay admits to returning to this role for a second consecutive year with more confidence and ease than when she started. And that, the fans were quick to notice.

“I feel much more confident, more experienced. I have a lot of fun doing that and people talk to me about it a lot. It's fun, as a singer, to see that people are there and that they are interested in what I do outside of music, ”pleads the singer.

►In addition to her concerts, Guylaine Tanguay will be part of the Marche du grand défoulement of the Quebec Cancer Foundation, next September.

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