Hard to believe until you experience it

There are many techniques to catch the kings of predators and percids.

Hard to believe until you experience it

There are many techniques to catch the kings of predators and percids.

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One of the most used approaches to outwit walleye is trolling with a devon. It works just as well for pike. We simply tie a crankbait that inspires us with confidence, we send it away and we let it swim, hoping to make beautiful specimens react.

A pro

Thierry Rimbault, originally from Lyon in France, studied marine biology with a specialization in fish pathologies and fish farming. He also obtained his European fishing guide instructor certificate.

This scientist, who has always loved field operations, immigrated to Quebec in 2000. Passionate about fishing, he resumed his job as a full-time guide in 2005.

Did you know that ?

“Fans of landlocked salmon and muskellunge have been fishing in engine broth for a long time, because the latter gives the impression, by its visual configuration, that it is a school of minnows, maintains Thierry. The air bubbles generated by the propeller and the linear and continuous sound, which the predators have been hearing for many minutes and which is approaching towards them, arouse their curiosity. »

“When a motor stirs up the seagrass, this has the effect of dispersing the minnows and the plankton and thus strongly stimulating the various specimens and all the fish at the base of the food chain. It also lifts sediments lying on the bottom. It is important to understand that the hum of a speedboat does not frighten the fish,” insists this graduate in marine biology.

New approach

For nearly a decade now, Mr. Rimbault has been refining his technique, which he calls short trolling. This approach consists of following the rock or vegetation structures adjacent to pools and presenting a short and stocky crankbait, diving between 6 and 8 feet. You will certainly be surprised to learn that he uses these fingers to target depths of 3 or 4 feet at most! In fact, the principle of short trolling is to use a lure that goes down twice as deep as the depth to be exploited.

To achieve this, he swims his offerings less than 30 feet behind the boat and makes sure to position the tip, commonly called the end of the rod, as close to the surface as possible. Thus, by having almost all of the wire submerged under water, the impact of attacks is lessened.

“The assault is often lightning and surprising. It is important to realize that we are very close to the action, ”specifies the guide.

In order to maintain the presentations used in the targeted attack zone, Thierry frequently reminds his clientele that the rod should not be raised during trolling passages, otherwise, for each foot above the level of the horizon, you handicap diving by six inches.


Thierry uses 6.6-foot medium stiff parabolic action fishing rods and not just tip, to better absorb shocks. Its 2500 size reels are filled with 15 pound resistance super line. He then ties 25 lbs/test invisible fluorocarbon leaders to limit abrasions caused by fish teeth or repeated contact with the bottom. A Duolock No. 1 clip makes it easy to change lures without hampering their movements.

In terms of imitations of small fish, he uses Rapala, Sakura, GIB Custom Baits from an artisan in Trois-Rivières, Gunki, BM, Bandit Lures, Cotton Cordell, etc. Bright, garish colors are excellent in dark waters. In sunny weather or in translucent waters, it favors metallic, natural or crayfish-like shades.


On June 27, we met Thierry Rimbault at the Domaine du lac Saint-Pierre outfitter in Louiseville. Aboard his powerful safe boat, we sailed on the waters of Lake Saint-Pierre to the archipelago. I was surprised to find that in broad daylight we were trying our luck in the middle of shallow bays. Thereafter, we skirted escarpments lined with grass.

In total, in less than four hours of fishing, my partner and I fought five juvenile pike and three slightly larger ones. Three legal size walleyes completed our fishing chart. Although he encourages free catches, he prepares your fish on demand at the end of the day.


In the spring, when the predators are basking on the bottom, on the carpet of grass, this experienced guide uses another method that he has developed and which, at first glance, seems totally extravagant: the extra trolling short.

I told you, in the previous paragraphs, that Mr. Rimbault uses crankbaits capable of diving twice as deep as the depth exploited. Imagine, for the extra short trolling, he uses a crankbait sinking three to four times deeper than the targeted area. When he explains to his clients that they only have to use nine feet of line behind the boat, he is often asked if this is a joke. The results, however, demonstrate the effectiveness of his unorthodox approach.

To find out more about the services offered by this friendly guide, who also offers his expertise for other species at lakes Mégantic, Mékinac and des Piles as well as at Gouin Reservoir and on the Saint-Maurice River, call 819 531-1839 or visit www.guidepechethierry.com

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