Here are 14 polars to escape this summer

We wanted to open this file with a great master of the noir novel, who offers us on a platter the confessions of Freddy Otash, a former Hollywood cop who, in this book, has been languishing in prison for almost 30 years now.

Here are 14 polars to escape this summer

We wanted to open this file with a great master of the noir novel, who offers us on a platter the confessions of Freddy Otash, a former Hollywood cop who, in this book, has been languishing in prison for almost 30 years now. . That said, this is not the first time that we have come across this ex-ripou in the work of James Ellroy. Those who have read the Extortion novella can attest to this. But this time, we will really be entitled to the total. Drawing inspiration from the life of the real Freddy Otash, Ellroy shows us the worst of the 1950s.

A short getaway to Stockholm? Why not? Except that it will be necessary to expect to live some rather intense moments there. Yasmin, Maria's daughter-in-law, has indeed disappeared. If it was first thought that she had committed suicide, this theory will quickly be swept away by another, more monstrous still: her father Samir, who is Muslim, would have murdered her to wash the honor of the family.

It is only much later that we will know what really happened. When the main characters in the story – including Vincent, Maria's son with Down syndrome – take turns giving their version of the facts. Confusing until the very end.

Since the end of the 1960s, the American writer Dean Koontz has been a veritable typewriter. So much so that it would be hard to say how many novels he has to his credit today! That said, her Jane Hawk series is definitely worth a look. But before attacking this fifth and final part, we strongly recommend reading the four previous volumes. It's actually the best way to find out why Jane Hawk ditched the FBI and why she's now one of America's most wanted people.

For 17 years, Justin Fenton worked for the Baltimore Sun as a crime reporter. When officers from the Gun Trace Task Force Investigation, a special unit of the Baltimore police, are arrested for racketeering, theft and fraud, Fenton could hardly have been better placed to investigate and tell the story. The resulting book is so well-written and compelling that a six-episode TV series was made from it.

In this 13th volume devoted to the investigations of Inspector William Wisting, we will learn from the first pages that Bernhard Clausen, a retired parliamentarian, has just succumbed to a heart attack. In short, a very natural death which, in principle, should not have attracted the attention of the police. The problem? A huge sum of money piled up in boxes was found at his home, in the bedroom of his late son. And since no one knows where it may have come from, Wisting will be tasked with finding out. As for the sequel, well yes, it is worth its weight in gold!

This series has been very successful on the other side of the border. We can easily understand why: one of his heroes moves on all fours and purrs very loudly when he is happy. This is also the reason why his master, the librarian Charlie Harris, chose to name him Diesel!

When a thriller writer is found with his head smashed in a hotel room in their small Mississippi town, Charlie and Diesel will try to follow in the footsteps of the murderer. Both light and captivating.

We like the little touch of fantasy that often slips into the novels of the Irishman John Connelly. It changes, and it sometimes makes the story even more captivating. Here, for example, malicious and particularly violent people will do anything to get their hands on a book with strange properties. But the woman who had it in her possession was buried in a forest in Maine and her son, now aged five, seems to have vanished. It's up to private detective Charlie Parker to find him before it's too late.

Fortunately Dundurn does not exist, because there are very funny things happening in this city. To begin with, the remains of a young woman will be fished out of the freezing waters of her bay. Point of accidental drowning, an anchor firmly attached to his ankles having done the job. Just hours later, a man wrapped in duct tape and abandoned in a park will literally explode. Two sordid murders that Inspector MacNeice will try to solve in this excellent third installment in the series dedicated to him.

Cal Hooper has gone to settle in the depths of Ireland in order to put an end to everything: Chicago, his job as a cop, his bad memories, his marriage. To him the green countryside, solitude and long walks in the rain. A quiet life which will unfortunately be quickly disrupted by young Trey, a local teenager who will ask him to find his 19-year-old big brother. Because if there's one thing Trey is sure of, it's that Brendan isn't gone. Not from his close leader in any case.

A very good Tana French.

Here, we cannot really speak of novelty, since this title has already been translated into French and published in 2009. On the other hand, as a Netflix series has just been drawn from it, perhaps we will want to read or reread it. What we did and, once again, we enjoyed it.

The main lines of the story? Mike and Tia desperately want to know why Adam, their 16-year-old son, has changed so much lately. And what they discover thanks to the spyware secretly installed on his computer will only worry them more... With good reason, by the way.

January 1999. Viktor Mendi and his wife Dolores are killed in a plane crash... which is not accidental. Their financial situation being catastrophic, they preferred to bow out rather than witness the complete collapse of their hotel empire.

January 2023. Their son Antoine, who is now 34, has just been transferred to the gendarmerie of the village in the Pyrenees where Viktor grew up. The place is frankly special – not to say strange! –, because there are also people who live in autarky in the surrounding forest. And they all seem to have a lot of secrets to hide. Addictive to wish!

It is not because one has chosen to spend one's old age in a retirement community that life must necessarily be dull and quiet. Ask Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron and Ibrahim. Since they moved to Coopers Chase and founded their own Murder Club there, you can't say they often have time to twiddle their thumbs! And things are not about to change since they will soon have to lend a hand to an old acquaintance of Elizabeth... who would have stolen a small fortune in diamonds.

A friendly cozy mystery as all.

Last year, the first volume of this series was a great discovery for us. Because it takes place at the time of the very last king of France, and because the creation of this Bureau of Occult Affairs within the Paris police is a real stroke of genius.

In this second part, we will have the pleasure of finding Inspector Valentin Verne, who this time will be asked to investigate a strange case of spiritualism. The problem is that the filthy Vicar, his sworn enemy, will soon show up again to ruin his life... and give us some excellent twists!

We discovered Brian Panowich in 2016 with Bull Mountain, the first part of a favorite series featuring a real twisted family whose main livelihood is directly linked to drugs.

If this novel is not part of the series mentioned above, it nevertheless shares one thing with it: the excellence of its plot. Which will lead us to rub shoulders with FBI agent Dane Kirby, who will among other things be responsible for investigating the murder of a guy from Georgia whose body was reduced to a pulp with a Filipino weapon.

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