Housing for seniors: is the time right?

“When I was young, I remember that mom had to put dad in residence, when he was not very old, says Martin.

Housing for seniors: is the time right?

“When I was young, I remember that mom had to put dad in residence, when he was not very old, says Martin. He had Alzheimer's disease and she could no longer take care of him properly. Today, I have to do the same thing with her, ”adds Martin, his voice trembling with emotion.

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Life is a long calm river. Not always. Sometimes, violent tumults disrupt daily life, causing us to lose our bearings. Making important decisions then becomes more difficult. But necessary. When a parent suffers from a chronic illness requiring constant care, or when the caregiver does not have the capacity to take on this heavy task, the decision then seems obvious. But it's not always the case. Sometimes the symptoms of the disease are not apparent.

So what should we base our judgment on?



So far, we have only listed factors that relate to the person with the disease.

But what about the one who must perform the task of accompaniment?

Taking on such a responsibility requires physical, psychological, intellectual, financial resources... Above all, do not take it for granted that everyone is able to take up the challenge because it is a question of helping a loved one.

Getting sick to get there by playing superman or superwoman won't help.


The decision to place your parents in a residence is not easy to make.

The attachment to the parents and the emotional charge linked to the process of placing them in residence can alter the judgment of loved ones.

The important thing is that parents receive good care, without those who wish to help them losing their own health.



"Mom's transfer to a residence went without a hitch," says Anne-Rose. We took ourselves a long time in advance and everything worked out well. Even that she seems happier today in her new home! »

The delicate step of finding an appropriate roof for a parent at the end of their journey. Certainly, but not impossible. How to go about it so that this passage is as harmonious as possible?


As we age, we suffer more from insecurity. It's well known.

So, to counter this state of fragility which can become a source of anxiety, surprises are to be avoided. There is nothing better than discussing the issue openly with the person concerned, without setting a deadline for achieving any result. Generally, it will be the elders of the family who will initiate these exchanges, but, eventually, it would be preferable for all the children to participate. To germinate the idea of ​​a change of life that is on the horizon allows the elderly person to acclimatize to the new reality, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, it gives indications for selecting the appropriate residence. . Because the choice is endless.


The range of residences offered can confuse many.

However, the first factor to consider remains the types of services required, given the person's state of health and level of autonomy. This is followed by the multiple considerations in relation to preferences: related services offered, location, means of transport offered, etc. Hence the importance of having calmly gone over all these subjects beforehand. All of these factors need to be considered through the prism of available financial resources. Do the children want to make a contribution?


Given all the elements you have determined, do not hesitate to visit several residences and question the staff.

Thus, you will be able to assess the quality of care, facilities, related services, visits, security measures, reservation policy, etc. Take the opportunity to interview residents. They will give you the correct time.


Transferring a parent from their home to a seniors' residence is an operation that requires preparation.

Often, this step represents a great mark of affection that a child can show to the person who has lavished all his love on him. A just return of things.

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