Innovative and highly effective training

I do not remember the name of the person who said that memory is a faculty that forgets!.

Innovative and highly effective training

I do not remember the name of the person who said that memory is a faculty that forgets!

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Every day of our lives, we are confronted with millions of information of all kinds. Of course, we can't hold everything back. We often seem to offload data. We forget them without wanting to.

The GPS satellite geopositioning system was implemented by the United States Defense in 1973 and became fully operational in 1995. The general public can use these geolocation coordinates since September 16, 1983.

No need

For many, the instructions that come with any accessory, equipment or machine are redundant. They open the packaging of the sound system, the printer, the sonar and they start to peg or connect wires and go with trial and error combinations. Some succeed, while the vast majority of others will have to resort to consulting the manufacturer's information.

We have to realize

When we allude to a GPS, we are talking about a machine that receives signals from satellites positioned at an altitude of 20,000 km in the sky. This is not an easy task.

Some will use basic functions and can navigate the backcountry very well. For others, this little magic box will remain mysterious forever. They can turn it on, create a waypoint and come back, but nothing more. Between the various sampling seasons, the GPS is stored in a backpack, a drawer... And when you pick it up, you really have to review the basics. It is at this stage that things often go wrong. The inevitable then happens, we peg and look for each other, we are a little lost!


Orientation Azimut's GPS specialist, Sylvain St-Louis, has been working in this cutting-edge field since 1978. Along with his spouse and business partner, Hélène Brisebois, he has developed a concept of classroom or home training that has worked very well until the arrival of the pandemic.

We all have an interest in reviewing the way we use our GPS before venturing into the forest, but we often run out of time. So imagine if our teacher could accompany us to the cabin, in the truck during the trip, in the cache, etc., to whisper the answers in our ears. It is exactly with this in mind that Sylvain and Hélène have developed an ultra-complete video training, which can be viewed at any time on an integrated 7-inch video player that requires no network or Wi-Fi. This notebook electronic, measuring 23 cm by 17 cm and 1.5 cm thick, is equipped with a rechargeable battery via USB which lasts 12 hours continuously. There is also an outlet for plugging in headphones.

The interactive training is spread over five blocks of approximately 60 to 75 minutes each. It will allow you to exploit your GPS to its full potential. Specialists have developed about forty versions to meet the uniqueness of all GPS models currently available on the market as well as for earlier versions of Garmin, from 1995 and more.

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