Introduce young people of all ages

Few activities allow you to get off the daily grind as easily as fishing.

Introduce young people of all ages

Few activities allow you to get off the daily grind as easily as fishing.

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With the relentless rise in inflation, everything, absolutely everything, costs more. Nothing seems to escape it. Fortunately, there is an activity that manages to get its head above water, that of teasing the fish. Yes, there are fishing expeditions in the Far North that can cost several thousand dollars. Yes, also, it is possible to participate in excursions with family, friends or even alone, on the edge of one of our 3.6 million urban or backcountry water bodies, at very little or no cost.


You can go to a specialty store or a big box store and buy a rod and reel there for as little as $20. If your budget allows, opt for higher quality equipment; otherwise, it is not serious, there is no problem. You can even borrow an old set from a neighbor or a friend.

As for lures, you can get advice and buy a few. Be aware, however, that a simple earthworm that you have caught under a rock, a hook and a sinker will often do the trick perfectly to thwart the various species.


You may have all the ingredients, but if you don't know what to do with it, it can be a hassle to prepare it successfully.

Over 20 years ago, Rick Amsbury wrote a little booklet for the Canadian Foundation for Sport Fishing in Canada called Catch the Taste of Fishing. This little guide is simple, complete and always up to date. It is intended for all novices, regardless of their level of knowledge of the sampling activity. What's great is that parents or people with no experience can use it to explain the basics.

What's even cooler about this training manual is that you can download it for free at or, even better , order it in 48-page hard copy by simply emailing In your request, write Catch the taste of fishing, then include your name, full mailing address and email. You will receive it shortly after, free of charge.


Among all the topics covered in the little guide, it is explained that you need a fishing license. On weekends, as part of the Fête de la pêche orchestrated by the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs, all Quebec residents can fish for three days without a license, until June 5 inclusively. Except for the Atlantic salmon, this is a golden opportunity to introduce everyone to a healthy, stimulating and rewarding activity.

There will also be a great promotion from July 2 to 10 as part of National Fishing Week. It will allow you to discover or rediscover all the joys that this gentle sport can provide and will give you the opportunity to recharge your batteries in the company of Mother Nature. Enjoy it.

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