It's the end of a beautiful chapter

Let's start at the end.

It's the end of a beautiful chapter

Let's start at the end. This is my last column in this journal. Why the fall of the paper from the first sentence? To better explain the reasons that lead me to make this decision.

Having a forum in the pages of the Journal de Montréal and its alter ego, Le Journal de Québec, is a huge privilege.

This one comes with an equivalent responsibility. That of offering you the best on every occasion.

different mediums

Writing is a different media sport. As much as radio is a different sport from television. All of these mediums have their charms, but not all of them excel equally in each of these disciplines.

I became convinced that writing for a daily newspaper was not my specialty. Far from it in fact. The countless hours I spent rereading and then rewriting a column.

Without ever really being satisfied in the end. I do not think I have this talent, so I choose to stop this collaboration, which I nevertheless adored.

Integrity and talent

Holding this column was the equal of realizing an old fantasy. But I owe you the best of myself. And I owe respect and consideration to those who make this newspaper with passion, integrity and above all talent.

This good old Godfather Tremblay, the biggest fish impossible to hook in the restricted pond of Quebec sports media. Rejean knows how. He is the one I chose as a young teenager when my mother asked me to read a text to her aloud before leaving for school.

Marc de Foy, a truck driver who also knows how. Not for nothing that, approaching his last breath, Guy Lafleur insisted on calling Marc back and sharing good words with him for Mike Bossy, who had just passed away. Marc gave me sound advice when it all started in Montreal 15 years ago.

My dear Yvon Pedneault, the one who probably broke a record of scoops in the history of Quebec printed matter.

The bosses, Denis Poissant and Luc Grenier, with whom it was very pleasant to work.

The dedicated folks at the desk. The last bastion to not look too crazy. They saved my ass several times.

The best of me

Which brings us back to this carefully considered and assumed decision. I owe you the best of myself. Too few times, in almost four years, have I felt like I delivered it to you in these pages. In this context, ending this collaboration seems to me to be a logical and obvious decision.

I leave to the truly talented writers the task of continuing to inform you and make you react. This newspaper is full of talented columnists and journalists. Dedicated women and men who know how to catch your interest by telling you good stories. Who know how to make you react with detailed and assumed comments.

Thank you for your diligent reading. It's a beautiful chapter that is ending for me, but as you know by now, others are waiting for us together when we return in the fall.

At my favorite places, on my favorite ice rinks. Have a nice summer and enjoy it, it's precious.

See you soon.

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