Kirk among the best receivers

An athlete's weight and height are two important factors that come at the top of the list on the grid that a scout must complete.

Kirk among the best receivers

An athlete's weight and height are two important factors that come at the top of the list on the grid that a scout must complete. Toronto Blue Jays scout Dean Decillis surely raised eyebrows among his managers when he completed and submitted Alejandro Kirk's application. The Mexican catcher who is surprising everyone in major league baseball this season is not the standard athlete at 5'8" and 245 lbs.

Kirk's journey began with the Toros de Tijuana of the Mexican League. On September 24, 2016, he received a signing bonus of $7,500, with the Jays while his team, the Toros, got $22,500 to release him.

Prior to joining the Jays, Kirk had never played higher than the A level. When the Jays traded him to the minors, he played 14 games at the AAA level to start the 2021 season before leaving. to be recalled for a second time to Toronto.

among the stars

This season, many baseball fans rub their eyes when they check the stats to see that Kirk ranks fifth among batters in the American League with a staggering .315 batting average. He is the best catcher in major league baseball.

The 23-year-old is one of the few players who has struck out more walks than three-strikes.

Charlie Montoyo's trusted man is a finalist for the position of receiver of the American for the all-star game which will take place on July 19 at the Dodgers stadium in Los Angeles.

In my humble opinion, Kirk deserves to be the starting receiver for the American League.

The suspensions

A free-for-all punctuated the game between the Seattle Mariners and the Los Angeles Angels on June 26, resulting in some unsightly scenes. The authorities of the Manfred circuit have carried out a large wave of suspensions for players and coaches.

I am disappointed with the sanctions imposed on certain members of both teams.

The instigator of this fight is the interim manager of the Angels, Phil Nevin, who has suffered only 10 games. His pitcher Andrew Wantz dangerously hit the Mariners hitter. In covert words, the order inevitably came from the manager.

Nevin deserved at least 20 games. As for his assistant coach Dom Chiti, he will be out for five duels. The deputies had no reason to be involved in this battle. Chiti should have been suspended for at least 25 games.

Height of ridicule

Major League Baseball allows a player who is on the injured list to be present in the dugout during a game. At the fair, the injured athlete in question, Anthony Rendon, of the Angels, who wears a cast on one hand, was very active in this free-for-all. He is suspended for five games when he returns from his scheduled injury... next season!

Imagine Washington Capitals strongman Tom Wilson is injured and needs a cast. The NHL allows him to participate in the warm-up period before a game. Wilson returns to the locker room and rushes back onto the ice when a fight breaks out between the two teams.

And Wilson starts hitting players using his cast-protected hand. How many suspension games would he deserve? If he was playing baseball, he would have gotten five games.

Judgment is not necessarily a faculty that the leaders of major sport always master.