LHH expands its services in Spain to offer solutions throughout the talent life cycle

MADRID, 22 Nov.

LHH expands its services in Spain to offer solutions throughout the talent life cycle


LHH, the world's leading provider of comprehensive talent solutions for The Adecco Group, announced on Tuesday the expansion of its service offering in Spain to offer companies solutions that cover all the needs of the talent life cycle.

The change implies the integration of the recruitment consultancies that until now operated in Spain. With these modifications, Spring Professional, dedicated to the selection of middle, intermediate and executive managers, and Badenoch and Clark (B C), for executive profiles and talent development, will be incorporated into LHH.

The company considers that this consolidation of the brand occurs "at a critical moment for organizations that face a changing environment derived from digitization, technological evolution and sociopolitical changes", as they have reported in a statement.

The new portfolio of services also faces the challenges of a highly competitive job market, with a shortage of talent, loyalty problems, and skills matching.

The general director of The Adeco Group in Spain, Iker Barricat, points out that, with this expansion in Spain, LHH expands "even more its scope and experience", and consolidates itself as a "global provider of talent solutions for the Adecco Group".

"In the years to come, we will need a seasoned leader to prepare employers and our professionals for whatever the future of work holds, and that is LHH," Barricat said.

LHH will now be divided into three divisions, LHH Recruitment Solutions, LHH Career Transition and Mobility and LHH Learning and Development. The three will act in an integrated manner to respond to the talent needs of their clients.

The senior vice president for southern Europe at LHH Recruitment Solutions, Luca Semeraro, considers that with this new organization "companies will be able to have a single interlocutor that allows them to manage all their needs" and will thus become "the leading global provider in Spain ".

For his part, the director of LHH Career Transition and Mobility, Marcos Huergo, points out that this new organizational model will facilitate the construction of "solutions adapted to the specific needs of each client, combining the knowledge and experience of each of the divisions".

The director of LHH Learning and Development, Juan Luis Goujon, adds that the company will provide "an innovative and differential value proposition that will provide current and future leaders with the necessary skills to successfully face their challenges".