How to get rid of moths?

Moths are the flying insects that you may find around your house

How to get rid of moths?

Moths are the flying insects that you may find around your house. They may be found inside your closet or your pantry. Moths can damage your clothes if their larvae are present on them. They are also irritating, and need to be removed from the house. Keep reading this article to find some of the great ways to get rid of moths.

The best way to get rid of moths is by using moth repellent sprays. These sprays can directly kill the moths or weaken them. Sprays can also be used on moth’s larvae to get rid of those damaging little creatures.

Another employed method to get rid of moths is by using moth traps. These traps have an adhesive nature, and can catch moths quickly. They can be used in the pantry for catching those large sized moths that can contaminate your food.

There are some natural products available in the market to get rid of moths. These include citrus and cedar oil. You can take a small pouch, and add some peeled oranges or cedar oil in it. Place it in your wardrobe for some time. You will have great results, and your clothes will be safe. One of the disadvantages of using cedar oil is the lack of its efficiency against large-sized moths. Cedar oil is more effective against the larvae.

One fine way is by using moth baits. They attract the moths to eat them, and the chemical composition makes sure that you get rid of moths over time. Make sure to place these moth baits in appropriate locations in your wardrobe or your pantry, so they are actually attracted to them and die.

If moths are such a big problem and inconvenience for you, there is another solution available. To make sure they don’t linger around your house the whole day, get cedar furniture. This solution is however expensive if you are not looking forward to buying new furniture in the near future.

In summary, it can be hard getting rid of moths sometimes. With the right approach and equipment available, you can expect to have a sound day without all the irritation and annoyance these buzzing creatures cause. You can get a moth repellent spray, use a moth trap or bait, try some natural options like citrus and cedar oil or buy furniture made of cedar. Good luck to you towards your expedition against these insects.
Updated Date: 23 October 2019, 22:06

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