Signs that It’s Time to Grow a Beard

Growing a beard isn’t an easy decision. You have to maintain the appropriate length

Signs that It’s Time to Grow a Beard

Growing a beard isn’t an easy decision. You have to maintain the appropriate length. You also run the risk of turning some people off. Not everyone loves seeing a man with a beard. However, there are also benefits of having a long beard. These are some reasons for you to consider growing one now.

People don’t give you the respect you deserve

People who know you might show respect if you know that you’re someone in power or stature. You can’t expect the same from strangers. They will judge you based on your appearance. When you don’t have a beard, you might look too young. It’s easy for people to conclude that you don’t deserve respect. A beard would make you look more mature and respectable.  

You don’t mind the time it takes to maintain a beard

If you can barely fix your hair in the morning before going to work, a long beard might not be for you. However, if you’re comfortable doing it and you have enough time to maintain your appearance, you could pursue having a long beard. You need to trim it regularly and apply the right products. You can check out // for more tips on how to grow your beard properly. 

You have facial blemishes

Instead of working hard to remove these impurities, why don’t you grow a beard to cover them up? If these blemishes are on the lower area of your face, you can easily hide them with the help of a beard. 

You don’t stand out

It’s difficult to stand out in a room full of people. You need to have remarkable facial features for people to remember you. It’s not only great when someone is looking for you. It also helps when your boss is considering someone for a promotion. You don’t want to be forgettable during those decision-making moments. 

Your partner is asking for it

You don’t want your partner to dictate your appearance. You also don’t want your relationship to revolve around physical features. However, if your partner wants you to grow a beard and you’re getting the request nicely, you might want to consider it. After all, you want to look good for your partner more than anyone else.

You want to switch things up

Moving on entails changes in your life. Some people decide to cut their hair to commence change. It’s a radical decision, but it helps a lot in the process. You can also do the same thing, but instead of cutting your hair, you can grow a beard. It’s also a way of saying that you’re leaving behind the old you to pave the way for the birth of a new person. 

Once you have thought about the decision carefully, it’s time to start. Growing a beard takes a while so you need to get started now. By using the right hair growing products, you will soon see some changes. Check if you look good with a beard before deciding to move ahead with your plans.



Updated Date: 25 October 2019, 09:07

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