Liz Cheney: The Loneliness of Courage

Politicians receive infinitely more criticism than praise.

Liz Cheney: The Loneliness of Courage

Politicians receive infinitely more criticism than praise.

Part of the reproaches can of course be justified.

Most of it usually stems from a serious misunderstanding of the real work of elected officials.

Of course, it doesn't help when a bitter and frustrated MP, like Claire Samson, leaves calling her colleagues "green plants".


Believe me if I tell you that the vast majority of elected officials work hard, to the point of often putting their health and their couple at risk.

Believe me too if I tell you that in the place of these elected officials who are so easy to criticize, you would have, nine times out of ten, the same reactions and would make the same decisions.

This is why when an elected official, regardless of the place, has an exemplary behavior of courage and righteousness, it seems to me that it should be underlined.

The US Congressional Commission of Inquiry into the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol Storming has begun detailing its evidence.

She will seek to show that Donald Trump did everything to invalidate and reverse the result of the ballot.

He lit the fuse, encouraged braggarts who were armed and infinitely more organized than believed, waited until their failure was clear before asking them to withdraw from the invaded Capitol, and tried everything to derail the certification of the results. in key states.

The term “coup attempt” is not too strong.

Equally serious, by giving credence to the far-fetched and baseless idea that the election was stolen, Trump and his associates are undermining the entire legitimacy of the American political system.

The commission of inquiry is co-chaired by an elected Republican, Liz Cheney, totally isolated in a party that has become a sect of Donald Trump worshipers, mainly because the elected Republicans fear that the ex-president will launch his pack after them and jeopardize their re-election.

Trump and his entourage are determined to get in the skin of Ms. Cheney, who plans to be a candidate for her own re-election, and openly support the one who is vying for the Republican nomination for her seat in Wyoming.

“Tonight I say this to my fellow Republicans who defend the indefensible: the day will come when Donald Trump leaves, but your dishonor will remain,” Ms. Cheney said.

“In our country, we do not swear to an individual or a political party, but to the defense of the American Constitution. »

And too bad if defending his honor and his oath endangers his political career.

The saddest thing is that lots of Republicans think like her, but don't dare say so.


There will be some to reproach Ms. Cheney for being a Republican, a conservative, and even quite simply for being the daughter of the dark Dick Cheney.

However, it seems to me that ideological and partisan considerations no longer hold when fundamental questions of principle are involved.

Mrs. Cheney, whatever one may think of her views on other matters, exhibits a courage and uprightness which do credit to elective office.

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