Álvarez (UGT) refuses to extend the years to calculate the pension: "The minister is wrong again"

MADRID, 29 Nov.

Álvarez (UGT) refuses to extend the years to calculate the pension: "The minister is wrong again"


The general secretary of the UGT, Pepe Álvarez, has expressed this Tuesday his rejection of the proposal of the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration to progressively extend the period for calculating the pension from the current 25 years to 30 years, discarding the two worst years of listing.

"I think that the minister (José Luis Escrivá) has made a mistake again, because this is a debate that does not need to be addressed today. We are still in the last year of entry into force of the 25 years that we agreed on in 2011 and although we know the effects theoretical of this measure, we do not know its practical effects on the system", stressed Álvarez.

The UGT leader, in statements to RNE collected by Europa Press, has confessed that "he does not quite understand" the Social Security proposal to raise the pension calculation period to 30 years, but in the end take into account only the best 28 years of listing.

"I am not interested at all if they are 28 years, 30 years, if two are removed or not. The minister says that this is neutral. If Social Security neither wins nor loses (with this proposal to extend the calculation period) let it as it is", Álvarez has defended.

The trade union leader has asked "to stop entangling" and to discuss a "comprehensive" reform at the negotiating table of the social dialogue, because "biasing the pensions debate from topic to topic is not going anywhere", he warned.

For Álvarez, it is necessary to address in this second phase of the negotiation some "serious imbalances" that the system has, such as the fact that people who have contributed for more than 20 years do not have the right to a pension because they have not been contributing for the last ten years of his working life.

He also wants this negotiation to address issues of equality between men and women, professional careers and what will happen to the relief contract.

Another of the proposals that the Government has put on the table is that the maximum contribution bases rise the same as pensions (average inflation of twelve months) plus an additional increase of 1,154 points between 2025 and 2050.

For the union leader, the uncapping of the maximum bases "is an absolutely necessary measure" to increase the income of the system and comply with the commitments assumed by Spain in the Recovery Plan. "We are the EU country with the lowest ceiling," he said.

Álvarez has added that this uncapping of the maximum bases must be accompanied, "obviously", by an uncapping of the maximum pension, "although not in the same proportion".

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