Marijuana Storage Mistakes To Avoid

Growing cannabis requires patience and a lot of hard work

Marijuana Storage Mistakes To Avoid

Growing cannabis requires patience and a lot of hard work. Though you can just throw your seeds in a garden and let the cannabis grow to maturity, it may not give you the best results. You need to buy quality seeds from reputable stores like i49 and tend your plants until they mature to get the best results.

Like growing cannabis, storing it also requires skill. You don't want to produce the most potent and best-tasting weed, only to lose its cannabinoids and terpenes. If you store your weed incorrectly, it'll lack moisture, taste, and strength because of damaged elements. To ensure that all these elements are preserved, you need to avoid some storage mistakes.

This article highlights common marijuana storage mistakes.

  1. Leaving Your Weed In The Open

When you go to buy feminized seeds, the budtenders will advise you to store them in a safe place. You should continue keeping your weed in a safe place even after maturity and harvesting. Unfortunately, some weed users are lazy and prefer leaving their cannabis in the open. This commonly happens after they've rolled a joint.

Leaving your marijuana out in the open may make it lose freshness and potency faster. Cannabis is vulnerable to moisture, air, light, and heat. What's worse is that your weed may even attract insects.

You should always strive to store your weed in a suitable container instead of exposing it to the elements. That way, you'll maintain its potency and freshness for a long period.

  1. Keeping Weed In Plastic Containers Or Bags

Most people store marijuana in small, sealable plastic containers or bags. They do this because they buy them in these containers. Storing them in plastic bags may be great for a short-term solution. That's why retailers sell them in these bags. However, if you intend to keep your cannabis for longer, it's not advisable to put them in better containers and bags.

As soon as you get home, it's better to transfer your cannabis to a better container. Retailers prefer selling cannabis in these containers because they're cheap and enable customers to carry their products home easily.

Plastic containers and bags aren't good for weed storage because they produce static charges. These charges can damage your cannabis's trichomes and affect its quality. Plastics also wear out quickly, and they may leak chemicals into your product. Furthermore, they're also easily affected by light and heat, which may cause your weed to melt. If you can, avoid these containers.

  1. Storing Weed In A Grinder

Other weed users also make the mistake of keeping their marijuana in a grinder. They assume that after grinding their product and taking out as much as they need, it's needless to transfer it to another container. To be honest, leaving weed in a grinder can be very tempting. After all, it has a cover that'll keep your weed enclosed, and some grinders even come with storage compartments.

Grinders can be vital for storing weed in the short term. If you intend to keep it for longer, it's best to find another storage place. That's because most grinders are made of plastic which may damage your cannabis and interfere with its potency and freshness if stored for long.

If you have to store your marijuana in a grinder, it would be best to purchase grinders made of high-quality materials. Most stores sell such grinders. Instead of buying the plastic grinder, you can buy a metallic one. However, it will cost you some extra dollars.

  1. Storing Your Cannabis In A Bowl

Lazy marijuana users also like storing their cannabis in a bowl. They do this because they find it difficult to empty their bowls after loading them and taking a few hits. It's tempting to transfer cannabis into a proper storage container after it has given a relaxing high. But this isn't a good idea.

Like the grinder, leaving your weed in the bowl makes it vulnerable to moisture, air, light, and heat, degrading its strength. You may also damage your bowl because the resin from the marijuana may stick onto the glass and build up.

Bowls aren't also good to store fresh weed. That's because the resin stuck on the glass may interfere with the freshness. If you're so lazy to transfer the cannabis to a better container, it would be best to place parchment paper in the bowl before putting your cannabis in it. You also want to clean the bowl regularly to prevent the resin from sticking to it.

  1. Storing Weed In Non-Airtight

There are many high-quality containers that you can use to store marijuana. However, some are better than others. It's always best to buy a sealable container for storing your marijuana product.

Non-airtight containers let in too much oxygen that'll quickly break weed and reduce its strength and freshness. Furthermore, moisture may also seep into these containers and damage your products.

Fortunately, there are numerous affordable and excellent airtight containers that you can use to keep your weed safe. It's advisable to buy wooden and metal containers or cannabis humidors. If you have a tight budget, an airtight glass container or Mason Jar can be ideal

  1. Keeping Weed In Dirty Containers

Having airtight and high-quality containers for storing your weed is vital. But if the container is dirty, it may damage its freshness. It's always advisable to clean containers before adding cannabis products to them.

Some weed users prefer using Mason Jars or other airtight glass jars to store liquid and food products for their cannabis. But if your weed mixes with liquids or leftover foods, its quality will be degraded.

As a rule of thumb, always clean the containers with water and soap before storing your weed in them. Ensure you scrub the containers and thoroughly rinse them with clean water. Once your container is clean, dry it thoroughly to prevent your weed from being exposed to moisture. Paper towels are the best for drying these containers because they don't leave particles.


If you want to maintain your weed's freshness, strength, and quality, you need to be careful about how you store it.

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