Merlin Properties, Colonial and Iberdrola, the Ibex 35 companies that pay their workers the best

MADRID, 5 Mar.

Merlin Properties, Colonial and Iberdrola, the Ibex 35 companies that pay their workers the best


Merlin Properties was the Ibex 35 company that best paid its workers in 2022, with an average salary of 121,000 euros per year and an increase of 17.5%, followed by Colonial and Iberdrola, according to the remuneration reports sent by the companies to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) collected by Europa Press.

Thus, Colonial was the next in the ranking, with an average annual salary of 87,000 euros which, however, was 23.7% lower than the previous year, the most pronounced drop of all the companies in the Spanish selective. Iberdrola was in third position, providing an average salary of 83,000 euros, 7.8% more than in 2021.

Only four more companies on the Spanish stock market index paid their workers more than 75,000 euros per year: Endesa and Redeia (78,000 euros in both cases), IAG (76,000 euros) and Enagás (75,000 euros).

On the opposite side, Meliá Hotels International offered the lowest annual salaries of all the Ibex companies, with an average remuneration of 17,000 euros, which was 6.25% higher than in 2021.

The next Ibex companies that offered the lowest remuneration were Sacyr, with 31,000 euros per year per employee, and BBVA, with 38,000 euros.

Ferrovial was the company that provided the highest salary increase to its workers in 2022, with a revaluation of 46.7% to 44,000 euros, compared to 30,000 euros in 2021. IAG was next, with an increase of 43.4% which placed the average remuneration at 76,000 euros.

Within the selective, also registered double-digit salary increases Merlin Properties and Grifols (17.5% in both cases), Sacyr (14.8%), Amadeus (14.1%), BBVA (11.8%) and Repsol (10.5%).

On the opposite side, only two Ibex companies reduced average remuneration in 2022: Colonial, with a drop of 23.7% to 87,000 euros, and Telefónica, with a contraction of 12.9% to 54,000 euros, compared to the 62,000 euros that it paid to its employees in 2021.

Acerinox, ACS, ArcelorMittal, Fluidra, Inditex and Indra have yet to publish their salaries in 2022. Of these, Acerinox registered the highest salaries in 2021, with 55,000 euros per year, and Inditex the lowest, with 23,000 euros. .