My Quebec is open and welcoming

My Quebec speaks French and is mixed with Latino, Chinese, English accents.

My Quebec is open and welcoming

My Quebec speaks French and is mixed with Latino, Chinese, English accents...

My Quebec is weakened on an English-speaking continent, and although it grasps this reality by giving pride of place to people who wish to express themselves in English, offering them in particular three universities, numerous CEGEPs, hospitals, it demands in return that e accept that this fragility requires decisions likely to protect Francophone culture and identity. Even more so in the age of the internet and globalization capable of bleaching all differences.

A we with roots

My Quebec has long only had one for Maurice and Béliveau.

He is passionate today for Félix in tennis, for Chris Boucher, for Luguentz Dort and Bennedict Mathurin in basketball, for Samuel and Ismaël in soccer, for Marie-Ève ​​in the ring. My Quebec played hockey on the frozen pond, today cricket, rugby, in the parks. My Quebec listened to Félix and Vigneault, now added Samian, Sarahmée, Kaytranada...

Our Quebec is beautiful. It is mixed and this plural us exists. It has been a long time, moreover, that we have ceased to be made to believe the contrary.

Quebec has long been and still is today open and welcoming, whatever some may say.

All those Law 101 kids who are my friends and yours. The Katia, Eduardo, Alionka, are our us, and this is what allows us to build together a French and spectacular Quebec with a unique culture in the world.

Let's be proud of it. Let's celebrate our Quebec as we have done everywhere in the last few days in towns and villages.

A promising Quebec

Quebec is a large territory, six times the size of France, but a small French-speaking community in an English-speaking sea in America. Quebec is rich. If it were a country, it would rank 21st in GDP out of 250 countries. We are the 2nd of the OECD countries for the female employment rate. I could go on and on with the list of our successes.

We have the means to offer our great us a promising future. The means to dream big, all together.

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