National Heritage says that Calviño's husband had the "highest score" in his selection process

MADRID, 6 Dic.

National Heritage says that Calviño's husband had the "highest score" in his selection process


National Heritage has defended the hiring process of Ignacio Manrique de Lara, husband of the First Vice President of the Government and Minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño, as the institution's marketing coordinator and has ensured that he obtained the "highest score" in the evaluated criteria for the position, according to what sources from the public body have informed Europa Press.

The same sources have indicated that eight candidacies were submitted to the selection process and that the commission for evaluating them was made up of two members of National Heritage, another from the Ministry of Culture, another from the Reina Sofía Museum and another from the Ministry of I work, that is, five members in total.

"The commission agreed on evaluation criteria, prior to scoring the candidates. These commissions act autonomously, without any participation from outsiders," the sources have qualified.

The public body thus comes out of the way of the information advanced by the newspaper 'El Mundo' and in which the hiring of Manrique de Lara is linked to the fact that the president of National Heritage, Ana de la Cueva, is the former secretary of State of the Economy, while reporting on the salary of "senior management" that the husband of the Minister of Economy will receive.

"In the public call, candidates are requested to submit a duly justified CV (curriculum vitae) and a report with a proposal for a commercial and marketing strategy for the institution," the sources of National Heritage have detailed.

"Ignacio Manrique de Lara unanimously obtained the highest score in each and every one of the merits established in the call, given his extensive experience in the field of business strategy and digital marketing," they added.

Regarding the salary that Manrique de Lara will receive as National Heritage marketing coordinator, the amount is regulated by Royal Decree 451/2012, of March 5, and is "below the average salary for this type of position in the sector private", have qualified the sources.