No more government announcements from July 1

End of Christmas in July.

No more government announcements from July 1

End of Christmas in July. François Legault asked his ministers to break with the "bad habit" of making government announcements rain before the elections. Despite the signs of an economic storm on the horizon, the CAQ leader prefers to wait until December before returning a check to Quebecers.

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"I have asked all my ministers, with exception, that there be no more government announcements made from July 1," said the Prime Minister, criticizing previous governments for having too often taken the opportunity to distribute gifts as the election date approaches.

The ministers therefore have only two weeks left to settle their latest announcements.

In “July, August, September, it will be a pre-campaign and an electoral campaign where we will talk about what we are committed to doing in the next four years”, insisted Mr. Legault, taking stock on the last day of the 42nd Legislature.

Legault readjusts the shot

The CAQ leader also took the opportunity to make fun of Liberal leader Dominique Anglade, who plans to unveil her electoral platform this weekend, during the General Council of the Liberal Party of Quebec.

“I have never seen that”, launched François Legault, who intends for his part “to do as usual” by revealing “one ad per day” during the thirty days that the electoral campaign will last.

After announcing to his activists two weeks ago that obtaining immigration powers would be "a priority" for the next election campaign, the CAQ leader seemed to want to readjust the situation on Friday.

“I expect that by October 3, we will be talking a lot more about the economy than this issue (immigration),” he said.

As for his promise to return to help taxpayers to face inflation, "be patient", he limited himself to saying.

Nothing for granted

Despite his dominant position in the polls, François Legault repeats that he “takes nothing for granted”.

The CAQ leader is asking Quebecers for “a strong mandate” to convince Ottawa to transfer more immigration powers to Quebec to better curb the decline of French.

He would not be "surprised" if "the headquarters" of Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party came to the aid of Dominique Anglade.

Unlike his liberal rival, who has set the number of counties she wants to win at 63, François Legault refused to comment on the number of deputies he hopes to elect.

Pre-campaign tunes

A little earlier, an end-of-class atmosphere reigned in the National Assembly, while each of the opposition parties also revealed their balance sheets, in view of the electoral campaign.

“On October 3, Quebecers will have a choice between a party – which is the CAQ – of arrogance, division and a party that wants to unite all Quebecers,” launched Liberal leader Dominique Anglade.

"The campaign is about to begin, I am not in a position to reveal our entire electoral platform to you this morning, but I can already make you a first [promise]: François Legault will not have an easy summer," warned the parliamentary leader. of Quebec solidaire, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois.

The PQ leader, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, also showed enthusiasm, despite the poor score of his training in the polls. "I think we are in a position to surprise and that nothing is settled," he assured.

- With Patrick Bellerose, Parliamentary Office

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