Novels to watch over the next few months

Hot in front! With the start of the winter season, lots of new foreign novels will arrive in bookstores.

Novels to watch over the next few months

Hot in front! With the start of the winter season, lots of new foreign novels will arrive in bookstores. Here is a taste.

A brand new Liane Moriarty? Almost. Because if it is for us, it is in fact the fourth novel by the Australian author and in its original version, it was published in 2011.

Twelve years later, we too will have the chance to rub shoulders with hypnotherapist Ellen O'Farrell, who dreams of meeting someone stable instead of chaining love affairs. Attractive, valiant and attentive, Patrick could thus be “the good one”. But that's without counting on his ex-girlfriend, who apparently started harassing him. It promises !

We have always appreciated the novels of the French Véronique Ovaldé, whose style is particularly fluid. The excellent Nobody's Afraid of People Who Smile dating back to 2019, we eagerly awaited the release of this beautifully titled book Angry Girl on a Stone Bench. But since we haven't read it yet, it's impossible to say why Aïda Salvatore, her heroine, seems to harbor so much resentment towards her family. Nor why, after 15 years of absence, she will agree to return to her native island to attend her father's funeral.

For sure, we will give you news shortly.

Surprise ! The plot of this 15th novel by Briton R. J. Ellory takes place in Quebec! First in Montreal and then all the way north, around Labrador City. It features Jack Devereaux, a fire investigator who will have to return to his hometown because his brother has been arrested for attempted first degree murder. And what will surprise him the most in this story is that this brother waited so long before taking action.

For the moment, it is the only novel of the winter season that we have read and frankly, it is a favorite.

Who didn't like Au Bonheur des Ogres, The Rifle Fairy, The Little Prose Merchant, in short, all the parts of the Malaussene saga? In this new opus, the Malaussene tribe will meet for the last time to offer us a story that will inevitably be incredible. Because as soon as a member of this family hangs out in the area, it is impossible to get bored! Especially since in this finale, we are promised a mysterious character, a friendly incarnation of Evil... We are looking forward to it. Only a month to go!

After The Children of Disaster, an absolutely brilliant trilogy set during the interwar period, the French writer Pierre Lemaitre decided to tell the Glorious Thirties in his own way. Begun last year with Le grand monde, this tetralogy continues with a second part that has already been described as a “great social novel”. The Pelletier family will thus be back and at their side, we will witness the hunt for abortion, the disappearance of villages or the very beginning of the consumer society. To be continued !

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