OHLA earns 5.5 million euros in 2023 and achieves a record Ebitda since 2015

The project portfolio grows by 21.

OHLA earns 5.5 million euros in 2023 and achieves a record Ebitda since 2015

The project portfolio grows by 21.3%, up to 7,781.5 million euros


OHLA obtained a net profit of 5.5 million euros in 2023, which means leaving behind the losses of 96.8 million euros that were recorded a year ago due to atypicalities, at the same time that it recorded the gross operating result (Ebitda ) highest since 2015.

Sales reached 3,131.5 million euros, 9.3% more, without including in this figure the income from its Services division, an activity that in these results is presented as interrupted having been put up for sale, according to reports in your income statement.

77% of the turnover came from abroad, with a distribution of 33.7% in North America, 19.6% in Latin America and 45.7% in Europe. Ebitda increased by 22.9%, reaching 126.1 million euros, at the same time that Ebit multiplied by more than two, to 90.7 million, with a growth of 132.6%.

The company closed the 2023 financial year with a total contract of 4,120.4 million euros, shooting up the total portfolio to 7,781.5 million, which represents a growth of 21.3% compared to 2022.

On a financial level, OHLA ended the year with a total liquidity position of 814.9 million, comparing favorably with the 701.7 million euros at the end of 2022, with cash generated by the activity of 103.1 million, before of investments and disinvestments.

With all this, the company has met the objectives announced to the market for the year 2023, since it expected sales of 3,400 million and which have finally been 3,597 million euros - adding the 466 million of Services -.

For its part, Ebitda reached 137.1 million euros - including 11 million from Services -, above the objective of 125 million, and total contracting amounted to 4,494.6 million -374.2 million of Services--, close to 900 million more compared to the 3,600 announced in February 2023.

The company defends that it is promoting its concessions area, after reinforcing this line of activity with the award in Chile of the Cancer Institute, which joins other concession projects in this country, in Colombia and in Spain.