On the road to the farmers markets!

One of the best ways to discover a region is without a doubt to taste it.

On the road to the farmers markets!

One of the best ways to discover a region is without a doubt to taste it. Don't you agree?

If you're heading to Quebec this summer, be sure to visit the local farmer's market! In addition to meeting many artisans who are just waiting for you to share their know-how, be sure to leave with an abundance of magnificent local products.

Among the must-sees in Montreal, you have to go to the Little Italy district to experience the excitement of the Jean-Talon Market. If the market is open all year round, it is when it goes into summer mode, by deploying its awnings and welcoming several additional merchants, that it shines at its strongest. We make sure to go there on an empty stomach, in order to take full advantage of what the artisans will offer you. Indoor and outdoor parking.

Every Saturday, the village of Val-David vibrates to the sound of artisan cheesemakers, bakers and other regional producers who babble around their magnificent products. Add to that families and friends who meet there to share good times, and you have a more lively Val-David than ever. The market starts around 9 a.m. and closes around 1 p.m.: get there early!

Located near Highway 10, Ferme Guyon is both a gourmet and educational stopover, which fits very well into a very busy travel itinerary. Educational farm for children, a butterfly shop offering an immersive experience among more than 500 butterflies, a garden center, as well as a farmer's market where you can find all the local seasonal products you will need for camping or your barbecue. Something to make the road a bit more pleasant!

It is in Racine, in the greater Eastern Townships region, that the Locavore Market comes to life. Headed by local artisans, this weekly event honors the small producers of Racine and Val Saint-François, ranging from cheese makers to market gardeners. If you miss the Saturday meeting, the Maison du Marché, open from Wednesday to Sunday, offers coffee, pastries and several local products. With the adjacent Nouvelle-France cheese dairy, it will also be time to stock up your fridge with Quebec cheeses!

♦ Tommy Dion is a columnist/food critic and founder of the web platform and gourmet guide www.lecuisinomane.com.

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