Our favorite songs of May

They are Quebecers or French.

Our favorite songs of May

They are Quebecers or French. They stir the cage or caress us like a spring breeze. These are our ten favorite new songs of the month for May 2022. Happy listening!

A musician among many others | B.A.R.F.

(CB) Symphonic harmonium here, Symphonic harmonium there. That's all well and good, but why not have a generous and caustic dose of Metallic Harmonium? Bravo B.A.R.F., this is not a cover among many others.

Who set the fire | Mat Vezio

(SEN) There is a quiet power in the voice and in everything about this piece by singer-songwriter Mat Vezio. Extract from the excellent album Couleur ciel ecchymose, this song-poem is part of the inner journey in 14 songs that the self-taught artist offers us.

A faceless man | Jonathan Person

(CB) If writing music inspired by the 1960s was a college course, Jonathan Nobody would easily graduate. This irresistible title is his first solo breakaway, outside the bosom, and the musical style, of his group Corridor.

In the crowd | Marilyn Leonard

(SEN) We love the singular voice of this 21-year-old singer-songwriter who likes to be herself. In addition to being a love song carried by a pretty melody, In the crowd manages to thumb its nose at social network addicts, old flames and the doubts of new lovers.

kiss me | Jerome 50 with Ariane Roy

(CB) "Kiss me, kiss me, on the cheek, on the mouth or even worse", shout Jérôme 50 and Ariane Roy, just before a dripping guitar solo, on this pastiche of rock ballads that have a day dominated the FM airwaves. To be taken in the second degree.

The lights in the sky | The Boulay sisters

(SEN) A dance piece with pop accents, but a text as deep as those that the Boulay sisters are capable of delivering to us: this is what the duo offers us with their new piece Les lumière dans le ciel. Our place in the world, our relationship to the Earth and the infinity of who we are in the universe.

Do good | The Doug

(CB) Don't be fooled by the first ten seconds, which seem to herald another autotune disaster: this newcomer to the French scene, just 21 years old, reveals on this first business card a fine mastery of pop language. Enough to make us want to go further. That's good, an EP has just been released.

Answers | The Franklin Electric

(SEN) Montrealer Jo Matte and his band offer us a new piece that grips the guts. We love Jonathan's voice, the simple, gentle and effective arrangements, and the lyrics that make you think about the importance of asking questions and taking your time to find the right answers.

I was not there | Bigflo

(CB) The pandemic is over, here comes Bigflo again

Milkweed | Magi Merlin

(SEN) We can say that this Montreal RnB singer does not have her tongue in her pocket and that's good. We love his audacity and his rebellious tone on this piece with a rhythm reminiscent of certain popular songs from the 90s, combining soul, drum and bass and hip-hop in a natural and organic way.