Peter Peter: “I am at a radical moment in my life”

After living in France for 8 years, Peter Peter is back in Montreal.

Peter Peter: “I am at a radical moment in my life”

After living in France for 8 years, Peter Peter is back in Montreal. The one who can be seen at the Francos de Montréal on June 15 returns with a new EP of selected pieces from his repertoire, presented in a moving guitar-voice formula.

At 38 years old, Peter Peter explains that he is at the age of balance sheets. The singer-songwriter says he is proud to have remained honest despite the years and the meetings of professionals who could have wanted to make him what he describes as a superhero of music (read a popular record seller) .

With his EP Session Live H2T, the artist, back from Paris since last August, returns to his roots, finding himself in the studio where he recorded his first album (the legendary Hotel 2 Tango studio which saw the birth of Funeral d' Arcade Fire) and abandoning electronics and numerous instruments for the simple guitar-voice duo.

“I have always been torn between guitar and electronics, explains the one who could not really present Super Comédie, his previous album, on Quebec stages due to the pandemic. We never really look back. It's the first time I've done it and I'm quite happy with what I gave, even if I was a little afraid of not being able to do it anymore. »


The singer has selected six tracks from each of his albums; an assortment of audience favorites and personal picks. If the piece Homa had been written to be presented acoustically, this formula gives a second chance to a song like Little Shangri-La, believes its creator.

Removing distractions thus allows him to offer songs close to his essence. And recording the audio and video in one go, in a single sequence shot, in the company of Dominic Vanchesteing allowed him to be consistent.

"If I did, I had to do it all the way," he continues. Today, with technologies, live fakes and streaming shows, I want to say that we have the right to be vulnerable. Imperfection is a beautiful part of human nature. »

Doubt and Integrity

The artist, who signed with Audiogram in 2009, admits that he doubts a lot. A sign of integrity, according to the one who has always wanted to keep and present his vulnerable side to people.

"I've always wanted to make free music, without too many constraints, without trying too hard to be a record seller, so I'm kind of where I wanted to be," he replies when asked if he's there. where he wanted to be when he started out. I still take risks. »

Recalling the memories, the existential crises during the creation of albums and the sleepless nights preceding important moments in his career is his way of celebrating the journey accomplished.

If he already has two discs in preparation – two radical proposals, including an entirely acoustic album and another completely electronic – the musician has no idea yet which proposal will win.

While waiting to see this project, and the mysterious others, crystallize, he is preparing his indoor show on June 15 at the Francos de Montréal, which will mark his return to Quebec soil. A complete show with orchestra that he promises more alive than ever.