[PHOTOS] 50 Great Artists Who Passed Away in 2022

Culture has regained its luster in 2022.

[PHOTOS] 50 Great Artists Who Passed Away in 2022

Culture has regained its luster in 2022. Artists have been able to get back to doing what they do best and audiences have welcomed them with open arms. Unfortunately, illness, old age and accidents struck again. Spotlight on 50 people we've had to say goodbye to in the past few months.


Found on January 17 but died on November 15, 2021, aged 37

The announcement of the singer's death created shock waves. He was found dead in a Quebec City studio on January 17, two months after he passed away. Before that, he recorded three albums, signing L'amour, a piece that was on everyone's lips and which was immortalized on his Fox disc, qualified as best French-language album at the Juno awards in 2014. Karim Ouellet's name has was the fourth most popular search of the year on Google by Quebecers.


Died October 11, aged 76

The joual interfered in the Quebec theater thanks to Michel Tremblay and his accomplice of the boards. The presentation of Les Belles-Sœurs at the Rideau Vert in 1968 got the ball rolling for this prolific artisan to whom we owe the birth of more than 150 works, including several by Tremblay.


Died October 19, aged 89

Recognized for his poetry, the Quebecer has won the prestigious Governor General's Literary Award three times: thanks to his play When We Will Be Happy, his novel Agony and his collection L'artisan.


Died May 14, aged 49

Québécois novelist with a caustic style. He was the author of a dozen novels and a few children's books, including Lac Adélard, which won him a Governor General's Award in 2020.


Died October 22, aged 63

Writer, novelist and translator, she was very active in the Quebec and Canadian literary milieu. She has won four Governor General's Literary Awards.


Died August 31, aged 68

Winner of a Governor General's Literary Award for Le passage de l'Indiana and another thanks to Petit Kochël. He was described as a specialist in the work of William Shakespeare, of whom he translated many texts.

Multidisciplinary artist

Died November 18, aged 86

Over the course of a busy artistic life, he has made people laugh, he has moved and he has entertained on many occasions. In a musical duo with Jérôme Lemay, he had the crowds running with Les Jérolas. He also shone solo, performing the essential Chante-la ta chanson.

In addition, he chained solid performances in front of the camera, becoming Maurice Duplessis, bursting the screen in The orders, imposing himself in The last tunnel (a Genie prize) or on the set of À l'origine d' a cry (Jutra prize). But his legacy is much greater. Long struggling with alcoholism, he lent his name to La Maison Jean Lapointe and launched his own foundation.


Died January 15, aged 78

Also a screenwriter, editor and producer, he tasted success in the cinema thanks to the tale for all The frog and the whale and the film Bingo focusing on the October crisis. Additionally, it has rallied viewers with episodes of Lance and Count as well as the Jasmine and Diva series.

He was also one of those who directed the actors of the daily District 31. His contribution to Quebec culture was recognized by the Guy-Mauffette prize awarded to the National Assembly.

A singer

Died April 26, aged 83

Queen of Quebec country for many, this great lady of song recorded more than 50 albums during a career spanning some 50 years. Paul Daraîche's sister was one of the architects of the family's success.


Died August 22, aged 77

Member of the Tannants with Joël Denis, Pierre Marcotte and Shirley Théroux, he had fun making the public laugh and entertaining on many occasions.

It is to him that we owe the character for children Monsieur Tranquille, a puppet who can sing.

A singer

Died September 18, aged 74

It was as Belgazou that she found success in the music industry, enjoying significant radio rotation with Talk About It.

Her stage name (target of mockery from Rock and Belles Oreilles) abandoned, she could not maintain her popularity.


Died February 17, aged 78

He wrote and sang the text of the immortal song As I always want to love. A huge success, she was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame. But the artist wrote, interpreted and recorded much more than this hymn to love.


Died July 13, aged 83

First a radio host, among others at the microphone of CKVL, he made a name for himself on television by becoming a face of the popular show Les tannants, on Télé-Métropole, with Shirley Théroux (his second wife ), Joël Denis, Roger Giguère and Gilles Latulippe.

In addition to this humorous meeting, he piloted various projects, being the master of ceremonies on several channels. Gentleman was a man who laughed easily at the camera and whose reassuring tone of voice was instantly pleasing. His first wife, singer Ginette Ravel, also died in 2022.

singer and actor

Died April 17, aged 93

He was not yet 20 when he started singing in Montreal cabarets, improvising himself as Tino Rossi. He moved the public (with The little sailboat, among others) and made them laugh (with Paulette, in particular).

His numerous appearances on Quebec television did not go unnoticed, he who won the title of Monsieur Radio-Télévision at the Gala des artistes in 1968, in addition to working with Dominique Michel and Les Tannants). In the late 1990s, he received praise for his acting in the Omertà series.


Died February 12, aged 75

A man of particularly active film comedies during the 1980s, Jason Reitman's father directed the stars of the first Ghostbusters as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger (Twins, Kindergarten Cop).


Died April 21, aged 84

Fanfan Dédé, his most popular character, shone on youth TV on Télé-Métropole.

Always ready to play and sing, he also walked the set of Fanfreluche and Piccolo in addition to doing theatre.


Died October 15, aged 54

He did not miss his entry into the world of literature, proposing the novel Ma vie rouge Kubrick in 2014. He thus won the Booksellers' Prize the following year. Brain cancer prompted him to seek medical assistance in dying.


Died March 11, aged 72

It was him, the inimitable Méo from Pierre Falardeau's Elvis Gratton films, for whom he took part in the shooting of multiple feature films.

He also signed plays for teenagers and was a teacher on the boards.

Weather presenter and cultural reporter

Died July 16, aged 47

Weather presenter and arts and entertainment reporter in front of TVA cameras, she accompanied viewers for many years, participating in countless television bulletins. A trainer, she also really liked to get people moving.


Died October 31, aged 66

Guitarist of the Offenbach group, which he joined in 1978, he composed several of the group's hits, including Only an Adventure and J'ai l'rock n' roll pis toé. His song Angelie, with the musician Toyo, is also one of his feats. This fall, an unfortunate car accident put an end to his life.


Died December 5, aged 71

The 1980s were prolific for the woman who played Rebecca Howe in the Emmy-winning TV comedy Cheers and who portrayed the female lead in the cinematic comedy What I'm Getting Into, the first of a trilogy, with John Travolta.


Died July 6, aged 82

It was he who inherited the mobster Sonny Corleone, eldest son of Vito Corleone, in the unforgettable film The Godfather. He was also the one who suffered the violence of Kathy Bates on the set of Misery. He played for 50 years.


Died September 28, aged 59

The promotion of the 1995 film Dangerous Mentality would never have had this reach without its megahit Gangsta's Paradise. Also very popular, the music video features him, just like Michelle Pfeiffer.


Died March 25, aged 50

He settled behind Dave Grohl, on drums for the band Foo Fighters, shortly after the formation of the rock formation. Active during studio recordings and concerts, his departure left a void and forced the cancellation of the rest of the Foo Fighters world tour.


Died August 11, aged 53

Television gave her her first big exposure with the soap opera As the World Turns, in the late 1980s. The following decade, she developed her career in cinema, sharing the screen with stars like Johnny Depp (Donnie Brasco) , Harrison Ford (Six Days, Seven Nights) and Dustin Hoffman (Men of Influence). She also made gossip magazines a joy in the late 1990s when she had an affair with host Ellen DeGeneres. His career came to an end along with his car when it hit a residence in Los Angeles.


Died March 13, aged 71

Very well known and respected, the prolific artist often made his talent known in the cinema, particularly in the 1980s, being a finalist three years in a row at the Oscars, first for his performance in The Kiss of the Spider Woman which earned him the golden statuette, then after the screening of the film Les enfants du silence and that of Broadcast News. Capable of integrating various universes, this personable man crossed the border to accept the orders of Quebecer Léa Pool for the time of the feature film Le Papillon bleu.

A singer

Died April 30, aged 76

Half of the popular country music duo The Judds with daughter Wynonna, she has accepted five Grammy Awards. Mother of actress Ashley Judd, she committed suicide the day before her induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Singer and musician

Died October 28, aged 87

Accustomed to scandals of all kinds, he became a true rock'n'roll legend thanks to his music, of course, but also for the dramas that marked his life. His song Great Balls of Fire has become a rock classic, but there's been so much more. He was part of the first group of artists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, alongside Elvis Presley. This bad boy at the piano left an indelible mark on the history of American music.


Died May 26, aged 67

Golden Globe finalist for his performance in the comedy-drama Wild and Dangerous and appreciated alongside Kevin Costner in the whimsical comedy The Field of Dreams, the gentleman shone brightly for Martin Scorsese and his Goodfellas.

singer and actor

Died January 20, aged 74

The rocker's discography includes the albums Bat Out of Hell (over 40 million copies) and Bat Out of Hell II: Back into Hell worn by the award-winning I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That). at the Grammy Awards. The artist also had fun as an actor.

A singer

Died October 4, aged 90

A great star of country music, she reached the highest peaks in the 1960s and 1970s, not hesitating to talk about sexuality among women, a rather rare subject at the time. We owe him You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man).


Died July 30, aged 89

She became Lieutenant Nyota Uhura in the Star Trek series of the 1960s. Her kiss exchanged with Captain Kirk (played by William Shatner) marked the American small screen, because never before had a black person and a white person been filmed. in this way.

Actor and director

Died January 6, aged 94

He paved the way for black actors in Hollywood, making a name for himself there beginning in the 1950s. He wasted no time, winning an Oscar for Best Actor in 1964 after his solid performance in The lily of the fields, becoming at the same time the first African-American to obtain such an honor.

His professional career has served as a great inspiration to many artists. In the 1970s, he added another string to his bow by becoming a director, proving that he could do what he liked in cinema.

Actor and comedian

Died January 9, aged 65

His role as father of the Olsen twins in the situation comedy Full House, during the 1980s, accompanied him until the end of his life. Recognized for a sense of humor, he also had fun on stage and on television.


Died July 26, aged 83

He had the head of the job playing gangsters, which he did brilliantly under the direction of Martin Scorsese in The Freedmen. He sailed on the waters of cinema and television, also allowing himself to tread the boards.


Died April 23, aged 72

Belgium lost the one who has already had comparisons with Tom Waits and Alain Bashung. Had it not been for COVID and pancreatic cancer, he would have continued to rock scenes performing My Mother's Eyes.


Died January 13, aged 75

It is often said that it is not the quantity, but the quality that counts. The French director understood this, shooting only six films, but marking the seventh art thanks to Diva and 37° 2 in the morning unveiled during the 1980s.


Died September 23, aged 88

The cruel nurse from Theft over the Cuckoo's Nest (her performance won an Oscar).

She has more than done well on TV, taking part in the space adventure Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, among other things.


Died October 14, aged 72

His face is etched in the memory of millions of moviegoers, as he gave life to the gentle half-giant Hagrid in the Harry Potter saga. In the mid-1990s, he won a BAFTA award three times in a row for the quality of his acting in the Cracker series.


Died September 30, aged 69

His artistic touch and vision have been featured in acclaimed Cirque du Soleil productions like Alegria and Saltimbanco. He also gave shape to the Celine Dion show A New Day... which has long thrilled Vegas.


Died May 26, aged 60

The one nicknamed "Fletch" was not only one of the keyboardists of the English group Depeche Mode, but also one of its founding members. It is partly thanks to him that we were able to hear this synthetic pop on record and in amphitheatres.


Died September 13, aged 91

His legacy to the French seventh art is undeniable, he who was co-founder of the New Wave (born in the late 1950s) and who launched Belmondo's career with the film Breathless. He always had fun provoking.


Died October 11, aged 96

His storied career spanned seven decades. Her name is associated with the main role of the series She writes to murder; she was also a finalist for 12 consecutive years at the Emmy Awards! He was awarded an honorary Oscar in 2014.


Died October 15, aged 41

A well-known name in Haitian music, he has recorded four albums and collaborated with several artists, including the group Carimi. His destiny stopped on stage in Paris, when he fell ill in the middle of a concert.

Singer and musician

Died November 30, aged 79

An influential member of Fleetwood Mac, the keyboardist participated in the composition and writing of the group's outstanding pieces such as Don't Stop, Little Lies and Songbird. She has also released a few solo albums.


Died August 12, aged 81

The German filmmaker tasted success on American soil with feature films such as The Neverending Story, On the Line of Fire and Troy. His film Das Boot took him to the Oscars.


Died June 17, aged 91

An emblematic face of French cinema with nearly 120 titles, he shone for acclaimed directors (Costa-Gavras, Lelouch, Haneke), in A man and a woman, Z or Amour, to name a few.

A singer

Died August 8, aged 73

The Sandy of Grease, the better half of Danny (John Travolta) in the unforgettable musical and romantic comedy, has entertained countless moviegoers. The one who so energetically sang the pop hits Summer Nights and You're The One That I Want was also a great source of inspiration, as she fought breast cancer for 30 years.

Before taking Hollywood by storm, she won a Grammy Award and was the most popular singer two years in a row in the United States, singing country.


Died January 19, aged 37

A collision with another skier ended the life of this Frenchman who had the privilege of directing Xavier Dolan in Only the end of the world. Traveling the world to make movies, he also lent his features to the famous couturier Yves Saint Laurent in 2016.


Died May 17, aged 79

The repertoire of this pioneer of electronic music will survive him for a long time. Movie buffs thrilled hearing the notes he composed for the classics Blade Runner and Chariots of Fire. Surprisingly, he never studied music.

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