Plan your cooking on the BBQ

The emblematic dishes of the traditional BBQ are often the result of long cooking times.

Plan your cooking on the BBQ

The emblematic dishes of the traditional BBQ are often the result of long cooking times. To achieve this much sought-after taste, several hours of cooking will often be necessary. The key to success is good planning. Here are some tips to get there without keeping your guests waiting or stressing over your BBQ all day long.

The secret weapon: Paper and pencil!

A simple log book will greatly facilitate the task of documenting the cooking. Keep a notebook handy during your cooking to write down a lot of relevant information. These notes will serve as a reference when redoing a recipe and will give you an idea of ​​what to expect throughout the day.

What's in there?

We document the cooking with as much information as possible. Here are some examples:

You must first take note of some basic information, such as the date and the weather. Very cold or humid weather can greatly affect cooking.

Then, it is necessary to specify the piece to be cooked by recording its weight before cooking. If you need to remove fat or make another preparation, such as marinating or coating the piece with rubbing spices, this must also be indicated.

The internal temperature of the BBQ will be an important factor to monitor throughout the cooking process. It will be necessary to keep an eye on it so that it is stable and to register it every hour. Finally, the type of fuel used and the addition of wood species are two factors to add to the information grid.

It cooks... we note!

The essential tool for any long cooking is without a doubt the thermometer. Whether instant-read or with multiple probes, the thermometer is essential for noting the internal temperature of the piece of meat throughout cooking.

Note the temperature every hour to get a good idea of ​​the progress of the cooking in progress. Note the visual signs, the color of the bark, as well as other important elements, such as watering and packaging.

Your new cooking companion

You now have all the information in hand to better determine the cooking time needed when redoing a recipe. If the result is not up to expectations, it will be easier with these notes to make corrections to your recipe to achieve perfection next time. Any good BBQ pro treasures his notes like a BBQ bible containing all his secrets.

Bon BBQ !

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