The Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, ruled out this Monday an increase in conflict in the countryside despite the lack of support for his package of 43 measures, so far only signed by the Union of Small Farmers and Ranchers ( UPA) and Union of Unions.

Asked if he believes that conflict will increase in the countryside due to the mobilizations prepared by COAG, Planas considered, in an interview on RNE reported by Europa Press, that “on the contrary”, given that what the Government is doing is ” is to seek a solution to the problems that have been posed to them”.

Furthermore, Planas has reiterated that “the door is open and the hand is extended” to the rest of the agricultural organizations to join the agreement, pending the signature with COAG and Asaja.

The Minister of Agriculture has indicated that the package of measures is “very ambitious” and that the Executive is working for all farmers and ranchers, “without any reservation, without any shortcut”, given that “there is no political calculation, but rather a will of public service”.

Regarding the Government’s dialogue with the sector incorporating the Union of Unions, Planas recalled that he has committed to raising it in the legal norm, in the Cortes Generales, “so that this is possible at an institutional level”, while the Minister considered that increasing the representation of three to four organizations “was a reality that had to be faced.”

“I have tried to do it on several occasions since I have been minister and it has not been possible due to political fragmentation,” commented Planas, stating that “in this situation” he believes that the issue must be opened, since “it is not about excluding to anyone, but on the contrary, that everything is more representative”.