PNV, PDeCAT and Junts distance themselves from the Housing Law due to invasion of powers

MADRID, 27 Abr.

PNV, PDeCAT and Junts distance themselves from the Housing Law due to invasion of powers


The PNV, the PDeCAT and Junts have advanced their vote this Thursday against the Housing Law, considering that the norm violates the Constitution because it supposes an invasion of State powers to the autonomous communities.

In a joint press conference in Congress, the spokesmen for the PNV, PDeCAT and Junts have appeared to explain their rejection of the law for allegedly interfering in policies that are exclusive to the autonomous communities. For this same reason, the deputies have warned of the risk of unconstitutionality of the bill.

The first to speak was Aitor Esteban, from the PNV, who explained that this joint appearance is based on the defense of the "self-government" of the CCAA. In addition, he has taken the opportunity to reproach the Esquerra Republicana (ERC) and Bildu for their support for the norm when they define themselves as "sovereignty" and "independence" formations.

In addition, the PNV spokesman believes that the norm will not serve to provide a solution to curb the rental price either. Likewise, he has had an impact on the fact that, while his group has expressed their discrepancies from a legal perspective, from formations such as PSOE, Unidas Podemos, ERC and Bildu these have never been denied and they have not maintained legal arguments that support what they consider to give. entrance with "red carpet" to the State.

The Junts spokeswoman, Miriam Nogueras, has also expressed her rejection of the rule for the invasion of jurisdiction and for not solving "the great housing problem." In addition, she has also criticized that the text "does not offer legal security" and "does not guarantee decent housing."

On behalf of the PDeCAT, Ferran Bel has come to say that many articles of the law "do not make any sense." In fact, he has pointed out that a proposal for a law in the Balearic Islands to regulate rental prices - knocked down in Congress with the PSOE voting against it - was "much" more respectful of powers than the Law on Living place.

In this context, Bel has blurted out that PSOE and Unidas Podemos, being "absolutely unsuccessful" in some communities, will be able to intervene in the housing market "through what is approved in Congress."

Finally, Mireia Vehí, from the CUP, has also rejected the law because it is the "PSOE's Trojan horse" for the market to continue governing housing, because it does not correct the hoarding of property and also implies an invasion of skills. The BNG has finally decided to abstain, because although they also see invasion of powers, it considers that it includes some "advances" in terms of housing.