Politics is a hard drug

The year 2022 is marked by great returns to active politics.

Politics is a hard drug

The year 2022 is marked by great returns to active politics.

Jean Charest has decided to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada while Caroline St-Hilaire and Bernard Drainville are now candidates for the CAQ in anticipation of the provincial election this fall.

Since their respective announcements, everyone has been wondering why these former politicians decided to get back into politics.

When you think that the three former elected officials had great careers outside of politics, some wonder if they went completely crazy. Why put it all in jeopardy?


While we wonder if Jean Charest wants to realize his dream of being Prime Minister of Canada and we wonder whether Ms. St-Hilaire and Mr. Drainville are coming back for sovereignty, it is a safe bet that their motivations are found elsewhere.

It must be recognized that all three of them have politics in their skin. Being an elected official is much more than a simple profession, it is downright a vocation. It is the involvement of professional, personal and family life all at the same time.

When an elected official withdraws, even if he says the opposite, he cannot definitively close the door to a return. It is difficult to completely wean yourself off politics.


Even if they did not think of touching on politics, Jean Charest, Caroline St-Hilaire and Bernard Drainville relapsed.

No one is shy at present to question their decisions, but we must salute their dedication. In 2022, doing politics is not easy. But we must believe that their need to serve was greater than the inconveniences.

As all was well for the three former politicians, diving back into the political pool is not without risks. But since they have already touched this drug, you have to imagine that it is a calculated risk.

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