Qualitas Energy acquires DunoAir's 1.4 GW German onshore wind business

MADRID, 11 Abr.

Qualitas Energy acquires DunoAir's 1.4 GW German onshore wind business


Qualitas Energy, an investment platform specializing in renewable energy, has acquired the German onshore wind energy development business of DunoAir, which is responsible for the construction of wind farms and has a portfolio of projects amounting to 1.4 gigawatts (GW ), as reported by the company in a statement.

The acquisition of the DunoAir Windpark Planung GmbH business has been executed through the German subsidiary of Qualitas Energy and will allow the energy company to reach 2.9 GW of total capacity in that country, a figure that it expects to increase to 6.2 GW in the next next two years.

"Qualitas Energy continues to invest in the acquisition of German and international renewable energy projects and this represents a big step towards our goal of becoming one of the key platforms in the German market," said Qualitas Energy's Director of Investment, Daniel Equal.

DunoAir's German wind energy development business will maintain its organizational structure and continue to operate under its own brand, thus reinforcing its leadership in the renewables sector.

DunoAir CEO Arjen C.F. Ploeg, has been proud that the company is recognized for its business strategy and its renewable solutions, and has pointed out that this acquisition allows them to expand the reach and impact of the firm.

With this operation, Qualitas Energy's global portfolio now exceeds 5 GW of renewable energy assets, spread across Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Poland, and more than 3 GW of these belong to wind sources.

For its part, the German subsidiary of the company, Qualitas Energy Deutschland GmbH, has a team of more than 160 employees between its offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Wiesbaden and the headquarters that will soon open in Stuttgart.

For this acquisition, Qualitas Energy has been advised by Dentons and Augusta