Renfe announces a new public employment offer to incorporate 400 train drivers

MADRID, 27 Oct.

Renfe announces a new public employment offer to incorporate 400 train drivers


Renfe has published a new public employment offer to incorporate another 400 train drivers into the company, within the framework of the call for the Public Employment Offer (OPE) for 2022, which will allow the incorporation of more than 1,000 new workers this year in this ambit.

The driving workforce is already at its highest level in the last 10 years, with 5,655 workers, but the role that rail transport is called to play in the coming years, as it is the least polluting means, requires more drivers to meet travel demand.

In addition, there are 366 driving interns currently receiving qualifying training in vehicles and infrastructure, whose incorporation into the workforce is expected when they finish said training.

After receiving authorization from the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration for the additional hiring of workers in 2022, the 400 new driver positions offered are for state traffic service cadres (384) and cross-border traffic with France (16) for Grupo Renfe.

Last February, Renfe already announced 600 train driver positions, of which 430 correspond to services at the state level, with a geographical location to be determined by the group, attending to existing needs; 150 corresponding to traffic service tables in the area of ​​Catalonia, Extremadura, Miranda de Ebro and Zaragoza; and 20 for cross-border traffic services: 8 in Irún, 8 in Portbou and 4 in Barcelona.

Likewise, the company announced another public job offer in the month of June to cover another 13 entrance engineer positions for cross-border traffic service staff with France.

The jobs have as a reference the labor and remuneration conditions established in the Renfe Group Collective Agreement and the applicants must meet, by November 4, 2022, the specific requirements detailed in the call.