Renfe digitizes the fire protection systems of 400 stations

MADRID, 10 Jun.

Renfe digitizes the fire protection systems of 400 stations


Renfe has launched a project to digitize the fire protection systems in nearly 400 stations in Spain, after successfully completing the pilot test in a dozen stations of the Cercanías train station in Cádiz (Andalusia) and in two in Elche (Alicante).

Specifically, the company has stated that the next stations in which this system will be integrated will be Sol and Pirámides in Madrid.

The aim of this project is to integrate the fire detection, alarm and extinguishing systems in the Renfe passenger management centers and in the company's security centers (CECON/C24H).

In the event of activation of any of the fire protection systems of a station, the evacuation operation can be started with the remote opening of the access controls and emergency exits, or the remote activation of the optical sirens -acoustic. The stations subject to these actions are those that have access control.

In a first phase, this integration was completed in 12 stations of the Cercanías nucleus of the Andalusian province of Cádiz and on May 2 the integration of the fire protection and access control systems was completed in the Alicante stations of Elche Parque and Elche Carrus.

This second phase of the project, which began in Elche and which will soon culminate with the Sol and Pirámides stations in Madrid, has consisted of adapting the Self-protection elements existing in both stations with the aim of integrating them into the Renfe security platform as a way of improving the safety of the traveler and of the stations themselves.

This new integration not only makes it possible to improve the security measures in the Renfe Viajeros management stations, but also provides remote, fast and effective response mechanisms in the management of emergency situations, in the case of the two stations in Elche from CECON/C24H and the Management Center of Murcia.

The project, which is part of the Renfe Viajeros Self-Protection Digitization Plan, will continue, in a third phase, in 398 stations nationwide.

For its part, this plan is complementary to the 'Renfe Smart Security Station' (RS3) that is currently underway and in which Renfe has already installed the first intelligent video surveillance equipment in more than 75 Cercanías stations throughout Spain. It is the first step for the complete digitization of the security systems of 483 Cercanías stations.