Renfe users will be able to purchase free passes for the next four months from today

MADRID, 29 Dic.

Renfe users will be able to purchase free passes for the next four months from today


From this Thursday, December 29, Renfe users will be able to obtain the new free commuter passes for Cercanías, Rodalies and Media Distancia to travel until April 30, which can be renewed every four months throughout the year.

To expedite the acquisition of passes and avoid waiting, Renfe has enabled the Renfe Cercanías app or, in the case of Media Distancia and Avant passes, the Renfe website, to purchase the new passes under the same conditions as those They have been in force in the last quarter.

Specifically, it is necessary to deposit a deposit of 10 euros in the case of Cercanías and Rodalies, and 20 euros for each conventional Medium Distance service. Payment by card will allow the automatic return of the deposit, once it is verified that the condition of having made 16 trips during these four months has been met.

For children under 14 without ID, a recurring subscription for Media Distancia services has also been created, which can be purchased at '' or through the Renfe app. The father, mother or guardian may acquire, through their NIF, NIE or passport, a maximum of four child passes for one origin and destination, during the period of validity.

Since this measure was launched on August 24, Renfe has issued close to 2.5 million free passes for Cercanías, Rodalies and Media Distancia and with a 50% discount on high-speed trains for medium distances.

Since last December 7, the new measures published in the Official State Gazette (BOE) have been in force, which modifies the sale and use of free Media Distancia multi-trip tickets, which restricts the formalization of trips, the acquisition of season tickets and repeated irregular uses are penalized, among other actions. In fact, nearly 200 season tickets have already been withdrawn.

The free extension also includes the Avant services between Ourense and A Coruña and between Madrid and Salamanca that are provided on the conventional gauge network, and the new Murcia-Alicante services on the high-performance network. For the rest of Avant's rail services, the 50% discount is extended.

This same discount will be applied to other high-speed routes that have been declared a Public Service Obligation (OSP), whose discount passes will be available for travel from January 23 and which will work under the same conditions as an Avant Pass.

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