Samaipata leads a round of four million Carbon Maps

MADRID, 20 Feb.

Samaipata leads a round of four million Carbon Maps


Carbon Maps, a global platform for managing the environmental footprint of the agri-food industry, has announced a pre-seed round of four million euros in which Samaipata and Breega participate, as reported by the pan-European venture capital fund Samaipata.

Thanks to scientific models combined with artificial intelligence algorithms, Carbon Maps allows players in the agri-food sector to measure the environmental footprint of their products, ingredients or raw materials accurately and quickly.

This platform collects and analyzes relevant data throughout the food chain, from agricultural production systems to the consumer, and calculates various impact indicators (greenhouse gas emissions, impact on biodiversity, water use, animal welfare). to allow each link in the chain to monitor its environmental strategy.

This financing will help the company to land "immediately" in Spain, a priority market due to its weight in the agri-food value chain at a European level.

"Spain is a powerful agri-food exporter and a market where intensive agricultural practices have a very high penetration", practices that "have a greater carbon footprint", according to Carbon Maps.

The platform's plan is to begin its journey through the country addressing meat producers and industrialists, a sector where the team has extensive experience. Gradually the solution will be actively commercialized in other categories and agents of the value chain.

Carbon Maps is already in the process of incorporating a local team to carry out, together with the founding team, the opening of the Spanish market in the coming months.