Sara-Danielle: music driven by emotions

At 27, singer-songwriter Sara-Danielle could be called an old soul.

Sara-Danielle: music driven by emotions

At 27, singer-songwriter Sara-Danielle could be called an old soul. Sensitive, disciplined, perfectionist and in constant quest (for meaning, identity, her relationship to the world), the singer offers mature, deep and joyful pieces, in her image.

Originally from Gatineau and having grown up with a Franco-Ontarian mother (hence her willingness to write and sing in English), Sara-Danielle came to Montreal to study music. In singing more precisely, even if she has been playing the violin since she was very young.

If her brief career in jazz singing at university allowed her to explore the underside of music, writing and the more cerebral side of creation, she took the path of pop, soul and electro, styles that she particularly likes.

“At 20, I wanted to have my own project, my band with my musician friends, relates the one that will perform on July 7 on the new Club Montréal stage at the International Jazz Festival. I wrote my first songs and I evolved in there, by making a small independent album, then a more professional EP baptized Healing”.

A few singles later, the desire to be in the studio with a director to make a break with his method of piano-voice creation was essential. What she did with Montreal artist Jesse Mac Cormack, her favorite director.

Together and intuitively, they designed Sara-Danielle's new EP called Another Self. Six tracks making up a hushed mini-album that the creator describes as calmer, more groovy and more acoustic than electro, despite a few synthesizers.

Identity quest

At the heart of it, a major theme stands out: identity.

"I'm learning a little more to love who I am and to live with who I am for real," continues the composer. I try to understand who I am in relation to others, to myself and in my relationships. »

From this exercise, Sara-Danielle the hyperactive designer explains that she came out stronger. As is the case with each of her projects, she considers her songs to be a scrapbook – a sort of audio capture – of specific moments in her life.

"It's important to find your own identity in music", launches the one who wishes to present herself to the world in the most authentic way possible, in all her dualities, her qualities and her imperfections.

While waiting to see her perform on stage at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, we can enjoy her most recent music video, that of the ballad Draw Me. A series of beautiful images shot in L'Isle-Verte, in the Lower Saint-Laurent, and drawings pasted on the favorite piece of the singer who accompanies herself on the piano.