Scholz warns that setting a limit on the price of gas invites producers to go to other markets


Scholz warns that setting a limit on the price of gas invites producers to go to other markets

BERLIN, Oct. 20 (DPA/EP) -

The German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, warned this Thursday of the "risks" that would entail imposing a limit on the price of gas in Europe, since it could mean that its producers will seek other markets where they can sell it without any restriction, to the detriment of Europe. .

"A politically agreed price limit always carries the risk that producers sell their gas elsewhere, and we Europeans end up with less," the German chancellor warned European partners who are in favor of setting maximums. .

Before the Bundestag, he warned that the energy crisis as a result of the war in Ukraine could cause a renewed demand for coal that should be avoided due to the climate commitments adopted by the EU, although he added that they will work to adopt a common position in the face of this possible situation.

On the other hand, he has also taken advantage of his participation this Thursday in the German Parliament to underline Germany's support for Ukraine in all areas, including the military, as well as to emphasize that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not achieve his objectives, which is the division of the West.

Scholz has pointed out that the war started by President Putin in Ukraine, as well as his use of hunger and energy as a weapon and the current inflation are the greatest challenges that Europe and the world have faced in the last decade , but he is confident that "together" they will overcome "this winter".

"Putin is trying to play on the weaknesses of the West to divide the world. He is wrong. We will not allow this. Our country stands united, Europe stands united in solidarity with us and Ukraine. Our alliances around the world are strong. Putin will not achieve its goals," he stressed.

"Ukraine, Germany and Europe will emerge stronger from this test, more united and independent than before," confided Scholz, who highlighted as part of this cohesion the fact that kyiv's financial needs are "practically covered" until the end of the year. , picks up the DPA agency.

In addition to the military and humanitarian aid already deployed, the German Ministry of Finance has provided budget support worth $20.7 billion, and has pledged a total of $33.3 billion through the end of the year.