Securitas Direct appoints Yan Sirera general manager in Spain

MADRID, 13 Feb.

Securitas Direct appoints Yan Sirera general manager in Spain


Securitas Direct has appointed Yan Sirera as general manager in Spain, who from this newly created position will direct the business areas that the security company has in Spain and will report to the executive president of the Iberia, Italy and LatAm cluster, Antonio Anguita.

Sirera, who joined Securitas Direct on January 1, "has solid and extensive international experience in 'marketing' and general management positions in customer-focused consumer companies," the company said in a note. press.

Securitas Direct points out that Sirera has spent most of his career at Danone and PepsiCo, where "he has led different business units and successfully built powerful brands in several countries, demonstrating a remarkable ability to develop strong teams and achieve excellent results, At national and international level".

Anguita has highlighted that the incorporation of this profile strengthens the management team and the talent of the security company. "His deep customer orientation, his capacity for innovation and his focus on people will undoubtedly contribute to continuing to expand the business of Securitas Direct," she said.

Sirera, for his part, has expressed his satisfaction for taking on this challenge together with "a solid and committed team" and with the aim of the company continuing to "grow and develop security solutions, based on cutting-edge technology and excellent service to the client".

His arrival occurs at a key moment for Securitas Direct, as indicated by the company, recalling that in mid-2022 it launched a new generation of alarms with PreSense technology.

Securitas Direct, which currently provides service to more than six million people through more than 1.8 million alarms installed in homes and small businesses and 135,000 Senior Protection devices, is part of the international Verisure group, present in 17 countries. Spain is the flagship and serves as the base to coordinate the operations of Portugal, Italy and Latin America (Chile, Brazil, Peru and Argentina).