Seresco will go to the market for a new capital increase in spring

MADRID, 8 Ene.

Seresco will go to the market for a new capital increase in spring


Seresco will go to the market again in the spring to raise more capital for its international growth plan after having debuted on BME Growth in the last weeks of last year with a 'listing' of 2.5% of its capital.

The company, however, will wait for market conditions to be more favorable than the current ones to undertake the operation, which could delay it, and adjust the amount, according to sources from the firm have transferred to Europa Press.

In a document for investors, Seresco set the value of the increase at 6.5 million euros, which is equivalent to just over 15% of its current market capitalization.

The objective of the funds raised will be to undertake inorganic growth operations, some of them aimed at the internationalization of the firm.

Last November, the company undertook its first purchase with the cybersecurity firm SPW for 750,000 euros plus 15% of the turnover for the next two years if it exceeds one million euros.

Likewise, it has recently announced that it will lead the IA4GEO project, whose main objective will be to improve cartographic production services, applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to territory data, high-resolution aerial and satellite images, which allow interpreting quickly and precisely the evolution and characteristics of a certain geographical area.

This project will be financed by Feder funds and the aid program and will last 20 months.

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