Skoda earns 856 million until September, 4.9% less

MADRID, 31 Oct.

Skoda earns 856 million until September, 4.9% less


The Czech brand Skoda registered an operating profit of 856 million euros in the first nine months of 2022, a 4.9% decrease in the year-on-year comparison, with a return on sales of 5.6% (6.8% in 2021 ), according to data published by the company.

Skoda's turnover so far this year stood at 15,181 million euros, which represents a rise of 13.9% compared to the 13,329 million euros at the end of the previous year.

The automaker has registered 544,500 vehicles worldwide since last January, a 22.3% reduction compared to the same period last year, despite production rising 11.9% to 647,200 units.

Skoda's Financial and Information Technology Manager, Christian Schenk, pointed out that the company managed to record an operating return on sales in the period, despite the economic barriers caused by the war in Ukraine, the increase in the price of materials raw materials and energy and the weakness of the supply chain.

In the first nine months of 2022, the company made investments amounting to 605 million euros, a 79.5% increase in the year-on-year comparison, while the net cash flow soared 158%, to 830 million euros .

The company highlighted that it is optimizing costs in different business areas, such as those related to materials, production and fixed costs. This savings strategy will allow the firm to close the year with a positive operating result figure.

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