Snatch victory for the Alouettes

OTTAWA | The Alouettes won a crazy game Thursday at TD Place.

Snatch victory for the Alouettes

OTTAWA | The Alouettes won a crazy game Thursday at TD Place. Most importantly, they left Ottawa with one more win on their record.

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Danny Maciocia's men were opportunistic to sign a 40-33 victory against the Rouge et Noir. This is the second victory for the Alouettes this season (2-4).

"It's the best way to win in our case," Maciocia said after the game. We experienced everything during this game. This is what we needed to live as a team. It's a victory that feels good."

The score does not indicate the pace of the game. The rhythm changed several times. We almost witnessed an identical scenario of the meeting against Edmonton in the last minutes.

With a 14-point lead in the fourth quarter, the Alouettes saw the Rouge et Noir orchestrate a comeback with Caleb Evans' touchdown. The locals were threatening until the last second of the fourth quarter.

End of endless game

The last two minutes were endless. We saw two penalties awarded to the Alouettes that were overturned by the CFL command centre. Montrealers played with fire without getting burned.

“We found a way to win the game, mentioned Eugene Lewis, author of a touchdown. Of course, we still have things to correct. We wanted this victory as much as they did.

“We hope that we can build on this victory. I am happy with the decisions of the command center. However, we should not leave our fate in the hands of the referees.

Trevor Harris was the spark plug on offense. He completed 25 of 31 passes for 341 yards with two touchdowns. After a slow start, he found his bearings and distributed the ball well to his receivers.

Hard for Worthy

Hergy Mayala was the most productive with 102 passing yards and a major.

"It's a good game for me," Mayala said. We are professionals and next week will be completely different. I want to be better and consistent like this every week.”

Dominique Davis stood out with three touchdowns on sneaks at the goal gate.

Kick return specialist Chandler Worthy had wowed the gallery since his arrival in Montreal. Thursday was the complete opposite.

Worthy dropped two punts in addition to being the victim of a safety touchdown. He was knocked down in the end zone by Quebecer Antoine Pruneau. One of the worst performances for a player in this position in recent years.

"The team on the sidelines believed in their abilities," Maciocia said. He was told that he was trusted despite his mistakes. We told him that we were going to recover what had just happened on the ground.

However, Worthy is not the only one to blame. The Montreal special teams had a tough game. Returner Terry Williams took advantage of several breaches to put his formation in a good position on the field.