Sánchez says that the new Housing Law, which is expected by the end of the year, will enshrine it as a "right"

He assures that with it the model of speculation that generates corruption, crisis and evictions will be reversed.

Sánchez says that the new Housing Law, which is expected by the end of the year, will enshrine it as a "right"

He assures that with it the model of speculation that generates corruption, crisis and evictions will be reversed


The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, highlighted today that the approval of the new Housing Law will enshrine it as a "social right" and will reverse, he affirmed, the model of speculation to which it was subjected in previous years and which gave gave rise to corruption that later translated into "crises and evictions".

A Housing Law that, sources from the Ministry of Transport expect to be approved before the end of the year since, they say, the groups are still negotiating and there are two or three stumbling blocks that are generating discrepancies.

Sánchez has made these demonstrations during the signing of the agreement to develop the Campamento operation, that is, the making available of the Defense land in that Madrid neighborhood for the construction of 12,000 homes, 60% of which are officially protected.

The Chief Executive has expressed his "joy and pride" that it is this Government that makes it possible. He, he has stated, is a resident of Madrid and says he knows well the difficulties that many young people have in the Community and the city of Madrid. For this reason, he has specified that the fact that the Government of Spain is committed to increasing this supply of housing and also that it does so from the social point of view is "very relevant".

The head of the Executive has made what he considers a "fundamental reflection" and that he asks "not to forget". Thus, he has pointed out that not too long ago it was almost impossible to talk about housing without using two terms: "bubble" and "speculation".

"As a consequence of this, we had to add two other words to our real estate vocabulary: crisis and evictions," added Sánchez, who pointed out that as a consequence of that, "phenomena of corruption associated with speculation were discovered that still embarrass us today for their brazenness, scope and immoral behavior".

In this sense, he wanted to make it clear that it is not just about political and economic issues, but rather what is the "history of human suffering that this model caused to thousands and thousands of compatriots, the life plans that were truncated, the wounds in terms of social exclusion that have not yet been completely closed".

And that, he pointed out, is the situation that the Government is trying to reverse with actions such as the one it is promoting in Campamento. To which are added, he has said, the housing plan with affordable rent; the state housing plan 2022-2025, also with measures such as the new Architecture Quality Law, which is "pioneering" in Spain and Europe, and "of course, with the next Housing Law that will enshrine its status as a social right ".

In other words, the head of the Executive considers that the "paradigm change that Europe is experiencing" must be brought to the field of housing on many other fronts and that it is defined by, he has said, "a resounding and unequivocal strengthening of our state of wellness". It is about, he added, a solid development that allows the cohesion of our societies.

For this reason, he has argued that based on public leadership and maximum collaboration with the private sector, he wants Spain to develop an urban agenda focused on the social dimension of housing.

"Our commitment is maximum, resounding, total and there are the plans and the economic resources that accompany them," he exclaimed, while stressing that his model is consistent with that launched by the EU with the values ​​of sustainability, beauty and equality. .

With these values, Sánchez added, he is going to work "relentlessly" to make this decade a different time in which talking about housing in Spain does not mean a problem or a luxury that citizens and young people cannot access, but that housing means "justice, shared opportunities, common welfare and emancipation for young people".

For this reason, he pointed out that he attached great importance to the signing of the protocol to make available the land of the Ministry of Defense in the Campamento neighborhood of Madrid and wanted to recognize the work of both the Minister of Transport and Housing, Raquel Sánchez, like that of the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles.

He believes that this is "magnificent news" for the city and the Community of Madrid because it is one of the "main social housing operations in the country as a whole, a paradigm shift in what public commitment to housing represents" .

In this sense, he explained that they are in dialogue with the main associations of housing managers to make them participate in this entire process "in which the entire country is involved, as well as the General State Administration through a specific program of the State Plan Housing 2022-2025".

According to Sánchez, it is a country policy and housing policy must be "a State policy, a project to achieve higher levels of justice, dignity, social and territorial cohesion, also to reduce a gap as important as the intergenerational , where it is mainly young people who have difficulties emancipating themselves and being able to access housing".