Sngular acquires the Valencian company Belike

MADRID, 25 Nov.

Sngular acquires the Valencian company Belike


The technology Sngular has acquired the Valencian company specializing in software development Belike, which will provide the group with two million euros in turnover and 40 people on the staff.

Belike is specialized in the development of innovative solutions for sectors such as energy, real estate and port logistics and in its last financial year it has registered a gross operating profit (Ebitda) of one million euros, with an annual growth of more than 25%, according to a statement.

Sngular thus continues with its acquisition plan after landing at BME Growth, focused on companies that incorporate technological talent and share the company's culture and values ​​for the development of innovative technology solutions.

In the port sector, Belike has two large projects in Valencia and Algerciras and will also bring extensive cloud experience.

Sngular's global CEO, Sarah Harmon, highlighted that the integration helps consolidate the technology company's position in Spain, while opening up new markets.

"Sngular is an organization that is experts in developing innovative software and technology solutions for the world's most complex industries. Belike's experience in similar fields and organizations will help us build and scale for the future, while responding to the needs of our customers. customers," he stressed.

The board of directors has also emphasized the shared objective of both organizations to "put people at the center of the organization and bet on their development".

For his part, the CEO of Belike, Bienvenido Sielva, has underlined the "new exciting stage" that opens for the firm upon joining Sngular. "It opens up new opportunities for us to continue developing the talent of our team. We share the same vision focused on talent and caring for people," he added.

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