So that Quebec does not become Louisiana...

François Legault now openly affirms that the Quebec people could well disappear and not survive the century.

So that Quebec does not become Louisiana...

François Legault now openly affirms that the Quebec people could well disappear and not survive the century. This legitimate concern is not new. Its reference to Louisiana runs through the history of Quebec nationalism.

Except that the path to Louisiana comes with a penultimate stage. The next is called the transformation of Quebec into wholesale New Brunswick. In this scenario, Montreal will complete its anglicization, Laval will follow, and then the 450 will come.

The metropolis will be lost. Little by little, French will be pushed back to the periphery.

What to do so that this does not happen?


Finally take seriously the issue of mass immigration, which is the first and main cause of this trend.

François Legault has just taken this question seriously. He explains that controlling immigration is a matter of survival for the people of Quebec. One could add that a very significant drop in immigration thresholds is a vital necessity.

Let's take François Legault seriously: if he does not obtain these necessary powers, what will he do? If it is about the survival of the Quebec people, they will have to draw the consequences. He will have to ask the question of independence.

He is in a unique position to do so, and could bring with him the French-speaking bourgeoisie who have always refused him.

But until then, he will encounter a fierce media barrage.

Because the question of immigration remains an ideological taboo.

And the multiculturalists on the left and on the right will try in every possible way to present him as a racist, as a closed-minded, as an intolerant.

The new fashion is even to equate any questioning of mass immigration with the “great replacement theory”. It is a complete delirium, and it is also an explicit attempt to demonize Quebec nationalism. We have to stop messing around.

François Legault is right not to be intimidated. He will need courage to stand up to the hateful barkers and will have to answer those who manipulate the statistics to justify the policy of always more.

The question of mass immigration is fundamentally political. Because a society does not transform its demographic composition in depth and very quickly without upsetting its social and cultural balances.

Who is fool enough to believe that Quebec would still be Quebec if the historic French-speaking majority became a minority, or one community among others, and no longer the existential core around which society gathers?


Quebec nationalists have always known this, among them René Lévesque who accused Ottawa of organizing the demographic "drowning" of French-speaking Quebecers. It is not without reason that the federalists are in favor of mass immigration: they are betting on it to demographically lock in the political future of Quebec. Massive immigration is electoral wealth for the Liberal Party.

Certainly, it is fortunate that we are finally frankly addressing this issue. This is not about "hatred of the other", or "scapegoat politics". It is about demographic lucidity. We will welcome all the better if we take into account our real capacities for integration.