Sooner or later they will come back

The return of the Nords is "definitely possible at least in the long term.

Sooner or later they will come back

The return of the Nords is "definitely possible at least in the long term..."

It was an important minister in the government of François Legault who said it, 27 years exactly after the departure of the Blues for Colorado. Eric Girard heads Quebec's public finances. Incidentally, he is leading the charge with the NHL. A great idea. A senior economic minister to convince Gary Bettman of the merits of the return of the Nordics... on economic grounds.

Quebec has changed

It changes us from the usual romanticism. “Quebec has changed. When you look at the TSX60, the index of the largest market capitalizations in Canada, there are several large Quebec companies. Quebec City is also much more dynamic and diverse than when the Nordiques left, ”says Eric Girard.

In other words, the main reasons that would justify giving back to the Quebec capital its team are economic.

long term project

Minister Girard is right to talk about the long term. Coyotes are dying in Arizona. They are preparing to play matches on a university campus in a 5,500-seat arena. On an ice where they can not paint the team logo ... But never Gary Bettman will allow the transfer of the Coyotes to Quebec. The Jets' return to Winnipeg, almost overnight defectors from the Atlanta Thrashers will not happen again. If they leave the desert, it will be towards Houston.

On the other hand, a move after a total or partial sale of the Ottawa Senators to Quebec is a possible scenario.

The Senses are no longer viable in Kanata. There is no doubt in my mind that the failure of the Plains-LeBreton project hurt the late Eugene Melnyk very badly. I think that if he were still around, Mr. Melnyk would have been tempted by a few games at the Videotron Center, then a partial sale and a permanent transfer. Which Gary Bettman, who loves to follow the trail of money, would not have opposed. The motive for not losing a team in Canada's capital does not hold water. On the other hand, the idea of ​​moving a team less than 400 km without crossing the border is very acceptable in Manhattan.

La succession Melnyk et Bettman

But... Eugene Melnyk is no more. And his succession does not necessarily seem inclined to continue his work with the Senators. So what will Gary Bettman do if the Melnyk heiresses show an interest in simply selling the team? Will he insist on keeping the franchise in Ottawa first? Possible, but it remains Ottawa, not New York. This is why I give credit to the steps taken by the Legault government. The more weight there is in the balance, the more tenors gathered around this beautiful and great project, the more the chances that it will materialize will increase.

Otherwise there will be an upcoming expansion that would bring the league's executives to 34 teams. I will come back... or not!

To my friend Pierre Rinfret, gone to play cards in heaven with René. Peter made peace. With his life, but especially with his death. He will have had fun for 55 years practicing a profession that has been his whole life. Rest in Peace Jewelry. Asparagus will never taste so good at the lobster party again. Above all, don't worry about Camille "everything will be ok".

To the authorities of the National Hockey League, out of balance between good and evil. Between the dinosaurs and the modernists. Between good old playoff hockey and McDavid's video game prowess. It gives settling of scores on the ice, intentional injuries and for which there is never consensus. This perpetual doubt undermines the credibility of the NHL.

A victory for CF Montreal tonight against Cincinnati. I refuse to believe those who claim that Wilfried Nancy's 11 did enough to justify better preparation of his opponents and that since then nothing has gone right. It is up to this united group to tell them that they have it all wrong by clearly winning against a highly takeable opponent. Especially at home.