The training denounces that there are even workers who have been “forced” to do jobs for which they are not prepared.


Sumar has warned in Congress that Aena’s current staff is not prepared or trained to execute the Self-Protection Plan at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport, which is activated in the event of an accident to try to minimize the consequences.

In fact, the training warns that there are even company workers “forced” to do jobs for which they are “neither prepared nor trained” within the framework of the aforementioned plan, so that the company could even be assuming responsibilities with consequences. penalties.

Through a battery of parliamentary questions that Europa Press has accessed, the deputy for Tarragona de Sumar, Fèlix Alonso Cantorné, asks the Government if it is aware of this situation and if there are concrete actions planned.

The goal of the self-protection plan is to optimize action in the event of an emergency and reduce to a minimum the consequences of accidents such as the Spanair accident in 2008, and in which several external means participate such as SUMMA 112, the City Hall firefighters or the Community of Madrid, the police or the Civil Guard.

To manage an accident like that of Spanair flight 5022 in 2008, the unions demanded a minimum of process coordinators and other technical professionals on staff. Sumar denounces that 16 years later and ten million additional passengers at the airport this workforce “is the same.”

It is at this point where the plurinational group, citing union sources, warns that for some time in Barajas Aena has been communicating to workers involved in the Self-Protection Plan that, given the absence of personnel on shifts and the impossibility of covering absences, in case Upon activation of the aforementioned plan, said workers must take charge of functions and roles for which they are currently not prepared or trained.

For these reasons, Yolanda Díaz’s training asks the Government if the State Aviation Safety Agency is aware of the “repeated lack of trained and involved personnel” in the implementation of the management of the Self-Protection Plan by Aena at the Airport. Barajas, as well as whether the agency intends to inspect the matter.

Likewise, ask the Government if they are aware that Aena has informed the City Council, the Community or the Government delegation or the Law Enforcement Forces about this lack of personnel, since they participate in the Plan through the emergency services or firefighters. among others.

Finally, Sumar asks the Executive if it considers that the current situation of the people who work to guarantee the safety of passengers responds to the commitments that the Administration has made with both entities such as the Association of People Affected by Flight JK5022.